Age 24 – 200 days – First girlfriend, tremendous strides


I will finally hit the 200 day mark tomorrow. A goal I have been setting for myself for the last 2 years now. I wrote myself a letter about 2 years ago, that I would read once I reach this milestone. I am nervous yet excited at the same time. The struggles has been abundant since the start

There were many days I question this whole process and whether if it was worth it. But now that I am about to reach this milestone, I have no doubt that porn does not have a place in my life.

I have also made tremendous strides during this time as well. Got into my major, I am about to graduate with a bachelor’s degree, and found a girl I love (first GF). I attribute this to Nofap, but also I believe at the end of the day, its up to YOU to make the change. Nofap can be the stepping stone, but it’s up to the individual to fight for the change they want. Also don’t compare yourself to the other fapstronauts, each person’s path to recovery will be different. Your vision of success may be different from mine, as long as you feel fulfillment at the end of the day, this is what matters the most.

I will continue to fight the good fight after I reach 200 days. I just don’t see the purpose of porn as it contradicts the many values I have. And I want to ensure all of you guys who are starting Nofap, that it does get easier and that it is worth it! Even though you may not see dramatic changes within yourself in the beginning.

I am 24, and have been using pmo since I was in middle school, but got really worst in college. I think the main benefit is time, because you would be surprised how much time you let your life  be consumed by PMP. So the more abstain from it, the more you will force yourself to focus…on the more important things in life.

Thank you everyone who have supported and posted on this subreddit, you have definitely lifted my spirit along the way. This is also my first post on reddit, and I thought I share some of my thoughts before I reach the finish line.

LINK – The day before the day…

By  Sub_Z3ro