Age 24 – 90 days and how I changed


So I’ve gone 90 days without porn and masturbation. I would’ve done hardmode, but few weeks earlier I visited my long distance gf so we had sex (which was incomparable to any previous sex that I had).

I’m 24 y.o. and been masturbating for a very long time, I don’t know how old I was, but I discovered it between 10-12 y.o for sure. Imagination at first then when we got super slow internet – pictures were the stimulus. Later the videos. Then hardcore videos. I was masturbating couple of times a day, and sometimes just couple times a week. And yet it was enough to damage myself to the point where I had the common symptoms of low self esteem, avoiding social interactions, being passive, lazy, unmotivated etc.

I’ve tried NoFap last year around the same time. Did 30 days, then got back to my habits for a year without even thinking of NoFap. Until this year end of January.

The main thing tat really changed about me isn’t the superpowers that everyone’s telling about (and the ones that I felt last year when trying NoFap), but I really got into habbit of not wanting to check porn when I’m bored or feeling low. I do want sex and physical interactions with girls, but I cannot see myself masturbating or watching porn at all. It seems foreign, something like I don;t want to smoke cigarettes, or use heroin. I know how damaging it is and being responsible person I don’t ever want to get back to that destructive bullcrap.

This is just the main and biggest change there were small changes like, hugely motivated to start on my own projects for future career ( as I want to be carpenter and I’m doing and learning right now). Started regularly exercising, and I noticed huge strength and muscle gains in a short period of time. Cold showers also. Haven’t had a warm or hot shower since the beginning of the year. I kind of miss it, but I embrace it as I realise that’s how our ancestors were taking showers and weren’t complaining.

I realised how our society is based on comfort, and getting things asap, and what negative effect that has on us. I am a simple animal not so much different than any others, and I have been allowing myself to be deceived by other people into thinking that destructive habits are OK.

I learned that I am just a small part of the world and whatever bad or good happens isn’t such a big deal and the only thing that I will regret in future are the ones that I have never tried.

I learned that I can to feel confident all you need is to love yourself the way you are, and no appearance, wealth or anything other than self love will give you confidence. And I am really starting to accept myself for who I am. I talked with my friends about porn and masturbation, and the relief that I got from that can be compared to dropping a dirty and heavy stone of your chest.

I learned that 90 days is just first step and I intend to never going back to my humiliating habits ever again. I know how hard it can be to quit but if I did it then I have the right to say to you that you can too quit this and start feeling like a human you were born to be.

LINK – 90 days and how I changed

By larrystanke