Age 24 – Anger, depression, other addictions fading. I’m no longer overwhelmed (2 jobs & working on masters degree)

Today I reached my 5th week. Before this time I PMO’d nearly every day. It was just a ritual for me and I didn’t think much about it. But the side effects were horrible. I had serious depressions with suicide thoughts since many years. I smoked pot and never left my dorm room. I struggled with myself to quit smoking but i never succeeded. But after maybe ~day10, the need completely disappeared (same with beer). I wasn’t paranoid any more. I felt my face smiling all the time, started conversations, visited my parents (I’m a student). Since ~day 30 the urges for PMO also disappeared. I don’t need much of sleep, i get up after 5 hours and i feel awesome, every moment.

I now have 2 jobs and I am working on my master thesis in computer science and I don’t feel overwhelmed. I started with exercises, every morning. 6-12km of walk and some massive workouts on my Chin Up which I had for more than one year unused in my door (i started to read a book about how the guys in jail train). I changed my eating behaviours (more like mr atkins), before that time i just ate a lot of potatoes. Vegetables were always a big part of my nutrition, but i now recognize that I need meat, everyday.

Fish is also awesome, especially if I catch it on my own. Oddly enough I catch the biggest ones in the last 5 weeks …. with a bullshit equipment, the guys next to me couldn’t believe what they saw. When I was fishing I also recognized that I had my hands are more under control. I could easy made perfect knots without any anger or shaking fingers. And yes the anger, I had it on everything. It just disappeared.

“I can’t believe I’ve gone this far considering where I started. I’m not sad and alone anymore. I am alive and it’s just the beginning.”

These are just some of my benefits after quitting PMO I’m curious for the future.

kind regards, 1337

LINK – 5 Weeks are done

by 1337