Age 24 – Anxiety greatly diminshed, More confidence, Calmer, Feel more emotions, Life is more exciting, I enjoy studying, and much more


I’d like to separate the benefits to three categories: mental, emotional and physical benefits. Changes inspired by my streak. Physical benefits-

  • much deeper sleep. I fall asleep easily and wake up refreshed, even after 6 hours of sleep.
  • stronger physically
  • better stamina at sports
  • often morning wood
  • very vivid dreams
  • had 3-4 wet dreams, 2 on the same night.
  • healthier appetite, enjoy food much more.

Mental/emotional benefits

  • anxiety has diminished greatly
  • confidence have risen
  • ‘natural’ flow of thought
  • calmer
  • more disciplined
  • more emotion – completely changed as a person. More compassionate, towards myself as well. I welcome being criticized, can listen to others.
  • I cry easily, in a good way
  • more tolerant of others
  • more aware of who I am. in the past I felt detached – almost as if I am unreal. this has passed.
  • I enjoy studying
  • laughter comes easily and often
  • life is more exciting – desensitizing

Changes triggered by NoFap

  • started practicing yoga daily
  • lost fat – 20 pounds already. my goal is to lose 7 more.
  • became vegan

It’s not the “I became a complete star at everything” list, but I’m very happy about the changes NoFap brought to my life – it’s worth it.

LINK – Changes after 73 days

by Babutir