Age 24 – Calmer and more in control after 512 days

These small happy moments which make life worth living. How I am feeling after 512 days? Just like an ocean.

I’m 24 years old and a student. Currently, I’m using a cheap feature phone with no internet connectivity. I exercised self-control and discipline whenever I felt a need to expose myself to porn. Luckily, I do not experience anymore of these tendencies now.

In this duration, I had 4 wet dreams. They occurred within the first 4 months of my streak. Each wet dream was followed by a single day of clumsiness. However, with time they subsided and finally they stopped. Mark my words, wet dreams stop coming after a certain period of time.

Moreover, my sleep cycle does not allow the occurrence of wet dreams. I sleep for 7 hours (from 22:00 to 05:00) and I also try to make sure that I don’t intake any spicy or overly fried foods.

I have tried to make the best use of my time in this period. I studied hard, meditated more and ate healthy. And, I can see really tangible results. I am studying in a top b-school in the world and my life has really taken a different and vibrant course. I feel more in control of the things within and around me. My thoughts and ideas are more channelized. And, my focus and concentration has enormous intensity. After 512 days, I feel every bit of this journey is worth it. Hopefully, you can take a cue from this and tread your path accordingly.

Workout – Yes

Approach women – No

Cold Shower – Not that much

I meditate. I’ve a new found passion now – reading books. For rewiring, I’ve actively engaged myself in activities that I felt thoroughly productive. And, I feel a lot more satisfied when I get things done. I’ve put a very high premium on self improvement which has led me to be more proactive.

Regarding meditation: I’m really glad to help you on this front. This is just my recommendation though.

  1. Many Lives, many master by Dr Brian L. Weiss
  2. Jnana Yoga by Swami Vivekananda (availabe in pdf for free)
  3. The art of good living by William Irvine (a primer on Stoicism)
  4. 7 habits of highly effective people ( more for discipline)

For meditation, you can start from simple concentration exercises like focusing on your breath or on your third eye. Then you can gradually transition towards a more object oriented form (the hindu way) of meditation. You can even try chakra meditation and kundalini awakening. You can even go for mindfulness or zen meditation. Just be sure before starting you have your concentration routines well in check and always try to maintain a healthy body.

There are incremental benefits that happen everyday so you just can’t spot any difference. Given what I’ve achieved in this period is what that made this journey worthwhile. And, if I turn the clock 512 days back, then I can definitely say that I’m a more improved, focused and calm person. There is a sense of more maturity and more self control.

Sex is not evil. Everything’s good [if] you don’t overdo it. At the moment – not really needing a girlfriend. But who knows what’s in store for the future! For time being, I’m focusing more on my academics and my career. Time will tell, when this monk gets enchanted by a woman. And, yes, I do have desires.

The only advice I can give now is not to over burden yourselves. Start with nofap 90 days and then gradually transition to a more discipline routine. The first few weeks are hard but if you manage to stick with it then you are ready to go.

NoFap is a tool that shows you that you are able to defeat your desires originating from the primitive parts of your brain. However, once you have done that, it is up to you to channel that newly found energy, focus and time.

There is no quantum of will power. You just become more and more in control with each passing day. In my view, the key to will power is perseverance. If I were to quantify the duration, then it would be a month. From there on you would be able to build up more.

LINK – 512 days! Monk Mode.

by ido12