Age 24 – Completed 1 year. Married: I feel so much more confident and masculine now


I am officially announcing that I am 1 year today clean of masturbation and pornography. I’ve been an addict for over 13 years I’m 24 years of age and I never thought I would ever be able to shake the illness but I have done it. I was also an alcoholic and marijuana smoker, proud to say I have not had a drink or a smoke in almost 3 years.

The secret to my success was getting rid of the alcohol and maryjane because it was enabling my porn and masturbation, one addiction seems to go hand in hand with another so if you work on the easy ones first the rest just fall into line. For me the whole experience has taught great self discipline and power that I never knew I had.

Before I decided to stop I was passing up sex with my wife to masturbate and no longer being aroused by real life women just the women online. It had total complete control of me and who I was, I feel so much more confident and masculine now. I hold my head up high and have a very clean conscience and spirit. It’s only been one year but with my willpower and strong mind now I’m sure I will not relapse.

Remember your spirit is stronger than your mind STAY STRONG SAY NO!..


by Greg A