Age 24 – Concentration better, hard tasks easier, my GF shows me so much love, sex fantastic


I feel like I am in control of my life, every aspect of it. I’m more emotional but generally I’m very happy with my life now.

  • I’m really happy about my concentration and attention levels going super high! Before starting this streak I wasn’t able to concentrate half as much as now. This one leads to the next to things;
  • I can calculate faster. I started exercising my mental calculation and I’m already seeing progress
  • I can program better. My worklife was hard due to lack of concentration, now I’m more present while coding, I can accomplish hard tasks faster.
  • The relationship with my girlfriend, before nofap we were about to leave, I was feeling tired of her and I was not living the relationship as I should; Now she respects me more and I’m literally treating her like a princess. I’m feeling so good, because she shows me so much love in any way possible. Sex with her has become fantastic! I’m more present in general. Before nofap she tended to whine all the time with me and she was disrespectful to me, now she makes important decisions and not-so important decisions together with me, listening to my opinion and letting me lead our lifes together.
  • I started keeping a bullet journal, man this one it’s powerful, I’m really tracking everything I need, I’m learning to plan my days and not waste time and this feels great! The wonderful thing is that it helps me building my discipline and to reach my goals in life, and every day I learn something new about myself and how to live my life at the best!
  • I’m getting better and better at guitar, yes, maybe I have more time or I don’t know what. Maybe it’s just that I’m more disciplined and so I’m more dedicated to practice guitar, however I was struggling before nofap, and now I’m able to play songs that were too difficult for me before.
  • I enjoy music more, like, I can really listen to many songs without getting bored, and now I notice even details. Listening to old songs makes me feel so strange because I notice things that I didn’t ever noticed before (like for example a bass line, or something groovy about the drum beat, or some vocals in the background, or maybe a particular sound mixed in the song).
  • Better sleep. I was addicted to porn but the only moment when I had time for masturbating throughout the day was in my bed. This led me to stay awake hours before getting to orgasm and then going to sleep. I sleep more and better now.
  • General mindfulness. I now understand better which are my belts and defects, I understand which parts of my life still need improvement and with bullet journal i can make projects and organize my daily routine towards it.

I’m so happy that the number of fapstronauts is growing literally more then 1 thousand per week lately.

I wanted to say that whatever number you have on your badge, or maybe you aren’t even suscribed to reddit, or you simply don’t have a badge. It doesn’t really matter!

Well the important thing is that you are moving away from pornography, whatever the pace you have, maybe you are running, or walking. Whatever is your speed is, you are lapping compared to who is not doing anything.

Let relapses be your lessons of life, you still have an opportunity to do better! I believe in you all!

If you want you can’t make a promise and maintain it, that’s what i did and I’m finding more and more happyness in this decision. I decided the current streak to be my last

Thank you everybody for being a good community of people helping each other!

I’m 24 yo.

 LINK – Tomorrow I will surpass my longest streak, I’m so proud of this!

By taSuperJaco