Age 24 – DE – it’s a slow, steady process, better skin, great relationship!

This is my first run and I have made it past 90 days without porn or fapping. I’m on a roll and I ain’t stopping! I am pleasantly surprised it has been this easy so far. It has made a very heavy positive impact on my life.

Where do I even start? My acne has cleared up immensely. My hormone levels seem to have evened out pretty well. There still seem to be times where my libido drops. Just a day or two where, even if I’m not completely exhausted from work, I still have zero sex drive. (I’ve noticed that seems to correlate with morning wood, interestingly enough.) Not completely horrible, but if timed poorly can be frustrating for my SO. And in terms of fixing my ability to orgasm from intercourse, it’s a slow and steady process. I quickly got to the point of being able to. I can currently only reach orgasm from behind. (Which my SO said she read is quite normal for this particular situation.) However, it is slowly but surely increasing in ease and ability to in more than just the one position. Last, and definitely not least, my relationship has never been stronger. We have been growing a lot closer and are much happier together now.

Overall I am very happy with the results and my happiness and attitude have vastly increased. Keep your eyes forward fapstronauts! This shit works!

I am 24 (almost 25 now good god O_o). And I remember discovering porn at the age of like 10 or 11. Good ol’ HBO/Skinemax…looking beyond the static. (We didn’t pay for it.) I had been edging for some time by the time I got to high school….long before I even knew it was even a thing.

LINK – Made it past 90!

by tuna69