Age 24 – Deeper, powerful voice, heightened senses, sharper and more complex thought


Background: 2+ years of attempts to quit, slowly reaching higher and higher streaks beginning from initially lasting only few days to now being on 41 days, before that around a little over a month and before that almost two months. I had a problem earlier that, when I relapsed, I would binge on it for several days at least

This time on the last two streaks I only relapsed once and continued right away even when I felt the temptation extremely heavily, really proud of myself on that.

So here are some benefits to just name a few:

-Much deeper, powerful voice

-More muscularity and less bodyfat, better posture

-Almost full beard, I had earlier just some around the middle, now it has spread to both cheeks aswell in a matter of about a month on this current streak

-Heightened senses, much sharper and complex thought processes, constantly figuring out new things and finding more efficient ways of doing things

-Very high energy levels; even though my schedule has been so busy that I’ve had to give up sleep somedays I can stay energetic throughout the day

-Waking up with ease early in the morning, around 6,5 hours of sleep is enough to be fully rested, down from 9+ earlier and not being able to get up early

-Insane levels of confidence, people respect the shit out of me everywhere and especially multiple women either smile at me or straightforward approach and chat with me

-Got laid once during this current streak and had few other opportunities aswell, but this made me also realize how stupid sex is without feelings for the other person and its better getting to know each other a little bit first so I decided not to have any sex with somebody who I only feel physical attraction towards

-High levels of optimism and attitude is golden; I have zero excuses towards anything

These are to name a few I remember. What should be also taken into account is that I have been also focusing during this journey on eating very healthy, exercising, reading books to stimulate my mind; just generally dropping many bad habits and replacing them with good ones. I feel that one bad habit drags you towards more of them so while initially it might require more discipline overall it is easier to keep everything in check when you focus decreasing everything toxic for you. Of course you might stumble a few times but just don’t quit and eventually you will collect the rewards!

Hopefully someone gets some motivation or something else from this post, happy to answer any questions you have and comment some benefits you have noticed for yourself!

CLARIFICATION: So some people apparently think all this happened just in a matter of 41 days despite that I explained at the beginning how I’ve been on this trying to quit for over 2 years, slowly getting longer and longer streaks AND also changed my eating, exercising and dropped several other stupid habits for better ones. So I personally believe nofap is just a part of this, it is the collaborative effect and accumulation over time that has caused all this happen. Just wanted to clear it out, its not just during this current streak.

[Further tips] Initially I feel like I started off with very low levels of disclipline and selfcontrol, but eventually I learned the process, which if thought is very simple. Either, you take pain now and pleasure later, or the other way around (relapse) and it just leads to regret every time. You cannot believe how many times I’ve relapsed, but hey it doesn’t matter cos I just dont know how to quit. Here are a few tricks I have used lately that have proven to be extremely helpful:

-I have a piece of paper next to my computer with list of things what happens if I pmo and what benefits I will get if I don’t, very helpful upon an urge

-When urge kicks in, I leave the computer immediately. No excuses here, go do something else till it passes and return only then

-Very heavy urge, I will leave entire house and go for a walk. This always kills it or lessens it heavily

-Upon an urge, an extremely decisive quick action must take place. For example that you really leave the computer immediately and don’t debate in your head is this urge strong enough so I would need this, but I needed to do this etc. just doing it asap.

-Knowing that when I resist, next time the urge will be easier to overcome and something good is about to happen to me, or thats how I think atleast

-Most importantly it comes down to mostly practice. Just relapsing enough times and learning from those mistakes and accumulating the willpower and understanding what to do when urge comes. Analyzing each relapse why it happened, how I can prevent it, removing the “tools” to relapsing like at the beginning I had zero tolerance for computer time alone cos I knew I would otherwise highly likely relapse.

It’s crazy when I was deep in the dark pmo world, I was actually fantasizing about having sex with a woman who was a stranger to me, like barely meeting her and then going straight to business. It is truly crazy how this destructive habit can twist your views and when you start to recover, you actually like the complete opposite, damn crazy.

Throughout my youth I always wondered why I felt so insecure, miserable etc. and it was mostly because of my pmo habit. But since nobody told me/I didnt figure it out for myself and at school they told us masturbation is healthy it didnt cross my mind it would be bad. When I had to take a break accidentally around early twenties for the first time for few days, I noticed that hey maybe this isnt so good for me. Unfortunately I was already deeply sucked in the addiction. But hey, after some hardtimes everythings now so much better.

I think they should teach this at school don’t know if they do already? And whenever there’s listings of these drugs, porn should be amongst them. I honestly think drugs should be legal, the current drug war is endless and promotes nothing else but negative outcomes. But for porn, would it be so bad have it as illegal? Think about it, I doubt many people would place such effort in searching it if it wasnt available in a matter of couple clicks anymore. Also, because there is a much better option available, another human being and love. Pornography disturbs these things from happening. So these are my points why perhaps porn could be made illegal, it certainly wouldnt disappear but for the vast majority, they wouldnt bother placing such extra effort in searching for it and people could perhaps live more happy lives and find their spouses much easier when porn is not disturbing in the way.

I wholeheartly agree that it needs to be more studied at. It is still very new and we certainly dont know everything. I feel like it is kind of where tobacco was where it had just first come out. People fighting over is it healthy or not, it is still widely accepted and then as time passes, slow decline begins and the masses opinions on it are pretty clear.

In my opinion, being in a relationship and watching pmo you are cheating on your spouse. You are perhaps not engaging in the actual act itself, but you are viewing other women with the clear intention to do so. I can imagine a woman feeling bad should she catch her man watching porn instead of have sex with her. It must hurt really bad to be a real human being and still lose to pixels on a screen.

The age limit would be a good start, just like other drugs and alcohol, they are more harmful for you started at a young age

I think that afterall, not that many people are addicted to this to a degree where it would clearly interfere with their daily life. I think most of us here fighting this started this habit at fairly young age (myself being 7 when I first found out pmo) and it continued almost nonstop to the early twenties. So it is quite a different story if someone views it for the first time say at age 15, the sexuality had the chance to develop first a little. But yes I believe in the future it will become more transparent and people will start to view it more as a drug that perhaps some can use in moderation, but is harmful for you regardless.

And oh yes its a big business! The free access of internet has dropped the salaries of the actors quite a bit though and perhaps they have to produce more content/work as escorts more which is obviously not good for them…this shit is bad for the viewer and the people doing the act on the screen.

Im 24 now, and I started watching when I was 7 years old. So yeah…its been a long road.

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by consistency1skey


Just wanted to tell you that I have had difficulty falling asleep all my life until last week. This is absolutely incredible. Now I actually want to go to bed because I know I wont be laying there atleast 2 hours before falling asleep. Having to wake up early is no problem anymore, used to suffer so much having to wake up early and feeling so tired throughout the day. The retarded clips and pictures no longer play in my head when I go to sleep, I just lay down there, clear my head off thoughts and then I just fall asleep almost instantly.

Posted this 41 day report earlier and at this time I was still having some difficulties sleeping, although not as bad as before. Cant wait what the future brings more out of this, I have seen some incredible changes in my life so far and oh boy they havent come for free either, had to fight for every inch with this and developing other things aswell at the same time but hey life aint supposed to be all sunshines and rainbows.

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