Age 24 – Delayed ejaculation cured – even with condom

I am 24 and experienced lack of sensitivity.Mmostly because of fapping and I was circumsized. Every time i had sex, i could not finish and this was depressing.

I googled searched and found reddit NoFap. Although this is my first post, i have actively read all the support and contributions everyone has made here and I cannot thank you enough.

I have abstained from fap & sex since 1 march 2015 till 30 July 2015. On the night of 30 july, i had sex. I have achieved such strong sensitivity, I even reached climax with a condom on.

I must say it was difficult to abstain, there were times when i very nearly relapsed. there were two occasions when I ejaculated while i was asleep, this was probably due to abstaining for so long.

during the abstinence, I decided to just moisturize my penis often and wear loose underwear/boxers – This really improved the overall sensitivity. I am posting this so guys out there get a real testimonial of the NoFap, this does work. Be strong, fight the urge to relapse.. Thank you all once again.