Age 24 – ED cured, Boners just by making out

24M, PIED in April this year. Since then started rebooting with ocasional relapses (I M’d to Pictures of girls or to fantasy). 50 days hardmode now, and here’s a report.


I liked to party since I’m 18 at the clubs, wanted to meet girls etc. But I wasn’t confident enough. I was overweight, wasn’t healthy ate junk food. In the last 4 years I started watching porn more frequent and the escalation of the numbers of masturbations per day (2-3 times a day, 1-2times with porn), aswell as the porn categories escalated (beginning with only lesbian porn, with mostly make outs, to end with hardcore material, weird and disgusting material and shit that doesn’t match any stuff I like in the real world). Got this infamous superpowers when I decided to take care of myself by losing weight and exercising. I was 22 back than and my self-confidence was sky high and I became more or less a pro at hitting on girls successfully, making out with them even though I knew them for around 30 seconds, and getting them so attracted to me, that it actually scared me cause I was an overweight virgin weirdo before, but I PMO’d as usual 2-3 times a day.

Conclusion: The superpowers aren’t actually related to porn use. You have to feel confident and improve in any way in your life to get more confident


One girl I met in a club came home with me after we texted and had dates a couple of times. It was in April 2015. And I couldn’t get it up. I knew something could go wrong, since I had no erections when making out with this girl on dates. I hoped that I would get a boner when it comes to sex since I had boners with porn, but that’s when I relaised I had a problem and googled it and pretty fast realized it was porn. I relapsed a couple of times. But I stayed strong now for 50 days.

Your body hates you

Since I masturbated to fantasy a lot I wasn’t directly that hardly addicted to porn and I didn’t have a hard time quitting porn itself, it was more the problem of masturbation. As for other aspects, I didn’t get the super powers, since it is actually just being self confident, which you can become by improving other aspects of your life aswell. So maybe it can be porn related, but definietely not solely porn related. I had couple of urges to masturbate. My body tricked me, it made me dizzy. My balls felt like they would explode. I had NO Craving for porn, but wanted to get a load out. Stay strong: Go take a walk, drink some water, go peeing, don’t touch yourself. The urge WILL go away.

The success part

Like mentioned. I didn’t expect superpowers since I already had a good life after losing weight and exercising. I met women, was doing more sports etc. My noFap joruney was PIED-driven. It is actually the biggest drive you can have, cause PIED disables you to have sex, which is elementary in a humans life. From 2-3 times PMO a day to Hardmode had its benefits.

  1. My relapses at the beginning showed me, that I was able to get turned on after a month by “normal” stuff that wasn’t escalating in content (like hardcore porn etc what I watched at the peak of my PMO times), a wonderful picture of a girl was again enough which was a good sign that I wasn’t completly lost in weird pron stuff or weird fantasies that I had during masturbation.
  2. I made progress from not getting turned on AT ALL by making out with a girl, to getting nice boners in public when making out with a girl. It was refreshing to get a boner just by making out with a girl.
  3. Have a girlfriend now for around a month. I’m rewiring with her and I sometimes get boners just by holding hands with her, so you see that the hardmode has it’s benefits.
  4. We didn’t have sex yet, but we will try in a week. I also told her my story and she was understanding and caring.

Tips I don’t read that often here

  1. Tell your partner about it, then you can actually talk about it in a safe environment, and not only on the internet.
  2. Go for a walk a lot when getting urges. Urges actually go away, you just don’t have to give in.
  3. Remember that relapses ARE bad, because they open the door for “fuck it, I PMO’d yesterday, won’t hurt if I PMO today aswell, but relapses are never the reason to get depressed or to think that you didn’t make progress.
  4. Always look it as a whole -> How many times did you PMO in a month? around 75 times like me? Now after the relapse of a 30 day streak, how many times now? Once? Well if this isn’t a progress then I don’t know. But remember number 3 and that the relapses are still bad.

LINK – 50 days HARDMODE – Short tips and success/progress

by Excessivo


Discovered PIED in April, and quitted immediately PMO with some relpases to fantasy and a little bit of softcore porn (lesbians Makeout).

So after around 57 days hardmode I masturbated in the shower, how did it happen? I was peeing and when I “forced” the last drop of pee I was shocked that sperm came out, and it wasn’t a big shot, but quite more than just some drops. I was a bit scared, but I didn’t have wet dreams for these 57 days and it was normal that the body wanted to get rid of the fapjuice.

Nevertheless I was in the shower and thought that maybe it’s time to try to masturbate with no fantasy at all and see if my erection will be fine.

And WOW. I just touched it a little bit and masturbated with just 2 fingers gently. My erection was quite hard and after that I officially relapsed.

Why do I say it was good? Actually I really just “masturbated” with clearly no fantasy nor thinking of any sexual or slightly sexual related. I was just staring at the bathroom wall and looking at the color and nothing else. So there you go. I have probably beaten PIED. Tomorrow going to see my GF and see if it works out.

If you have any questions regarding PIED issues, I will help gladly cause that was my motivation to quit porn and I won’t watch porn ever again. It was like a big realisation that I could actually masturbate without fantasy or porn, which is perfectly normal for a HEALTHY guy in early 20s!

I saw that my body clearly wanted to “empty itself” so I did it with no fantasy or porn at all and no craving.

Since I have a GF I am rewiring with her and not masturbating again. I know it is tempting. But hell no, I don’t even consider it an option 🙂

LINK – I masturbated today and it felt incredible! 57-day-hardmode-streak