Age 24 – ED & DE: For the first time in my life I am not scared to enter sexual situations or use condoms

 Anyway I hooked up with a girl last night and was curious to see how I would perform. I am pleased to report that I had no ED or DE at all which was pleasantly surprised.

I went on a 47 day streak that ended in December when I relapsed. During that streak I had sex and reached orgasm for the first time in my life but after my first relapse I went on a bad spell where I PMO’d for probably 7 out of 21 days until now. I think my 47 day streak really helped me to reset somewhat and returning to fapping sporadically after didn’t adversely affect my sexual performance.

My conclusion is that I must limit my masturbation as much as possible and avoid porn as much as possible too. Also if I do fap I will always use lube to help counteract death grip returning.

Any questions please ask as my sex life was an absolute joke before No Fap, now for the first time in my life I am not scared to enter sexual situations.

LINK – Successful Sex after a few weeks of PMO

by Jack12345jack


INITIAL POST – 13 Days – PIV Cum 1st time in my life!! NO FAP WORKS

I’ll be as brief as poss. I am 24 and have been PMOing since I was 14. On average once a day for ten years. Every sexual situation i have been in has resulted in ED or DE. As well as this I had NEVER reached orgasm with anything other than my own tightly clenched hand.

Over the years, like many of you, I began watching more and more Xrated porn inc. tranny and granny. I event started thinking that i might be gay, even though I knew I wasn’t. Two weeks ago i stumbled across YBOP and this Sub Reddit and I knew this was my solution and saviour.

I committed to not Fapping ever again and after 13 days I found myself in bed with a woman. To my utter amazement and joy after about 20 mins I reached orgasm while inside her and cummed into a condom. As i said, this is a huge moment in my life. For the first time I had orgasm without using my own hand to finish off.

I had begun to accept the fact that I would never marry nor have kids. Now i feel reborn. In just 13 days i have overcome this addiction and regained a normal sexual state. I know this is quick by NoFap standards and many of u will take longer to reach this stage. Please stick with NoFap. IT WORKS. It still feels surreal to think that the last ten years of shit sex and dick problems has been resolved by one simple change in my life. No PMO for 13 day! Crazy and so simple!

Thanks to all on this SubReddit and YBOP for showing me the light!!!!!! Now it’s time for me to make up for lost time!!!!!!!! WOOOOO