Age 24 – Erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation and performance anxiety cured in 1 month


I was with a girl for 2 years. I was never able to ejaculate when having sex with her! Not even once. A few times only with my hand (after she finished) and still, this would take a while. We broke up one year ago (not for this reason).

A month ago, I met another a girl. I wanted to have normal sex for the first of my life. I cut porn / masturbation. I only masturbated two times during this one month but I made sure I made if feel as close to sex as possible.

So, the big night came. I was still pretty anxious and convinced that again this is going to be another failure. But guess what? It wasn’t. Everything worked properly… and the next morning again too!

Lessons learned: Cut port / masturbation. If you really really really really really going to masturbate, make it feel as close to sex as possible (slow and gentle, use other hand, standing etc).

Average was 2 times per day. I’m 24 years old. I feel more attractive lately. Not sure if it’s porn though because I lost some weight too.

I don’t regularly post, but I feel like you deserve success stories so I created this account only for making this post.

LINK – ED / DE / Performance Anxiety Cured in 1 month

by nofaptempacc