Age 24 – Fried my dopamine receptors with weed + masturbation


24 Years old here, and i’ve been on my longest streak so far which is 30 Days. Before that I hit 16 and relapsed. I’ve been trying NoFap for maybe 4-5 Months now. Oddly enough I haven’t watched porn in years just because I always felt my imagination was superior to it. Porn ended up just being boring, unrealistic for me.

I did however have an unhealthy relationship with masturbation. After my last very tumultous, and toxic relationship I would rub one out almost everyday a couple times a day. I ended up losing feeling down there, had to deathgrip stroke to orgasm, and it didn’t even really feel to good. I used to smoke alot of weed a couple years ago and rubbing one out whilst being high was the only way that it felt adaquate. I think this fries your dopamine receptors even more because you are essentially stacking drugs to make them more potent.


Confidence – My confidence has gone up little by little. I wouldn’t say its a drastic change thus far, and maybe its due to the fact that I haven’t been into the porn aspect of PMO for a long time now, but it’s a subtle improvement. I’m more on the quiet side and I haven’t reached the point of chatting with strangers (although I do on rare occasions) but I can feel my caring about how others view me going down. It’s a good start.

Women – This is the area I noticed the biggest changes. I have this raw sexual energy now and I think woman can tell. I always used to divert my eyes If I saw someone attractive or try to ignore it because I was raised fairly conservative. Now It feels empowering to mantain eye contact or signify my interest. I went to the movies the other day with a long time friend and although I’ve never been super attracted to her before, I felt this energy pulsate through me that gave me this primal instinctual feeling. I think alot of people learn to curb their animal instincts on nofap, but i’m the opposite and I think it works both ways if you are a little more introverted or shy. I’ve noticed alot of eye contact and I can now mantain it. I’ve always been more intune to eye contact because I’m more observant, but if I would look back there would be no emotion to it, just numbness. Now I feel proud and noble when I hold eye contact.

I’ve also had girls pop into my life out of the blue, although I can’t necessarily attribute this to NoFap, but more of the positive energy you put out and inevitably receive through a bunch of different factors. I got an apology message from a girl from my past. It was weird because I always felt like I used her, and never really was too invested, but she came out and apologized to me which was weird. I also received a message from this girl I had messaged on FB out of the blue the day after me and my ex broke up. I was pretty drunk, miserable and fucked up from the relationship so it was kind of a weirdly desperate text and she didn’t respond so I just figured I got pied and carried on. She texted me on day 27 saying she just read the text and asked me if I was still interested.

Once again can’t attribute this to NoFap because on these occasions I wasn’t physically there, but more of the positive vibes you send out and receive through undertaking something hard that betters you as a man. Oh and I also got a piercing done and it came out to 55$ and I took out a 50 and 20 because I didn’t have change, and the girl at the desk just took the 50 and said that’ll do, smiled and pushed the 20 back. I hardly see generosity from people, but it was nice.

Health/Skin I’ve always been a pretty active guy,and ever since I started seriously going to the gym my physique has been pretty decent. I feel more energized when I go to the gym even if its an off day on NoFap, and if im doing a fasted workout I can mantain strength pretty easily. I have sort of fallen off, but I went in the other day and had kept strength on all my lifts. My skin has broken out a little bit, but its not anything too drastic. My beard seems to be growing quicker.

NoFap has just been one of the tools in my arsenal for creating a better life, but I have been researching personal dev and trying to implement various techniques into my life for some time. I’ve done a ton of research over the span of a year and a half and I have to say the books Psycho Cybernetics, and Man’s Search for Meaning were pivotal in reframing my mind. However alot of things all encompassed into one resource are the “Born Rich” lectures by Bob Proctor. They are on YouTube for free and it is really what I always come back to as a refresher on building the best life, which im sure most of you are pursuing. Please check it out Fapstronauts It may change the trajectory of your life. I’ve also started a blog pertaining to these so you can check it out for more broad topics at

LINK – 30 Day Report – Full Benefits + Resources I Found Helpful

By SolarityYVR