Age 24 – From a boy to a man


No am not some crazy good looking guy, I would call myself decent looking at best. And no the women didn’t take off their clothes in my presence. There has been a definite improvement but not a crazy huge one. This was after a comment from one of my colleagues, who said that a girl who we used to hang out with has been treating me rather nicely than normal.

People in gym started asking me for tips. And people started telling me, that there is something different about me.

Not only from others, I have felt changes in myself as well. I have started behaving a bit more responsibly now. Don’t waste time on unnecessary stuff and pursue something I like with a admirable amount of interest. It’s like something dead in me has come alive now.

One of my female colleagues recently commented, that it felt like the difference between a boy and a man.

Women have by no means shown huge interest in me but, still I have now made them turn their heads. I never started this journey with this in mind. My only sole purpose in this journey was to, get rid of this toxic substance from my psyche and never let myself fall into the hole again.

IMHO We are not becoming superheroes, we are just blooming into our true selves as this fog starts clearing.

I would like to offer my thanks to this community. If I had not found this sub-reddit a few months back, I don’t wish to think about where I would be now.

You people are amazing and I wish you all the success in the world.

Thanks for helping a normal guy face his demons.

Am turning 24 this year.

Edit: Have not slept for a while due to work so the post might look badly written. Apologies for it 🙂

LINK – Finally after 7 months, 4 streaks and many relapses later… I received respect from people, and women’s attention too.

By NewStart793


Don’t give a damn about what other people think !! This is a small thing I recently realized. I have always been the guy who gets bullied, mocked and ridiculed a lot. And I discovered the major reason behind it.

The reason was people’s own insecurities. Everytime they felt bad about themselves, they would pick on me. I used to be the guy with no great skills or physical fitness, so I was like the bottom of the barrel. They were so sure that no matter how bad they were, I will always be under them. It was easier for them to redirect people’s attention onto me, inorder to hide their own flaws better.

But now I have changed. I have improved a lot and stopped giving two shits about these kinds of people. Nowadays, I am just glad to accept who I am. I have accepted all my shortcomings and have started working on those I can improve. This has caused those people to trouble me even more because if I get better, they would no longer have an excuse for who they are

I have a huge sense of gratitude towards nofap for this. I used to deal with these feelings of hatred and lack of respect by drowning myself into PMO. I just assumed that I could never be understood and that I should be alone. When I stopped this vicious cycle of Porn and masturbation to deal with every negative feeling I ever had, life became painful. I was for the first time feeling what I was trying to avoid all these years. The sense of loneliness, lack of friendship, and lack of trust and respect. It all hit me like a wave.

Facing the pain and humiliation has built character in me now. It has helped me develop things I had not felt in life like determination, confidence, and belief in who I am. I am just sad of one thing though, I have realised all this at the age of 23 now, when am working. If only I had realised this thing sooner, I would have achieved even more in life. But as they say, better late than never.

To all my fellow brothers and sisters, keep going we are winning this battle. And for the ones who are newly beginning, set your badge and get to work, coz this thing works !!!

LINK – Don’t give a damn about what other people think !!