Age 24 (Gay) – Moderation made my sex life 10x better


I don’t know if other users can relate to my problems, but I had been getting some ED. I’m gay, so I basically just switched to bottoming at this point. I started reading up on it (I used a lot of links that I found on this community), and I came to the conclusion that my inability to get it up was caused by porn (as much as I reaaaally wanted it to be another cause).

I’m 24. I used porn since 13 or so, and if I’m honest I saw it becoming a problem around 19. It really hit me in the past year, though.

Once I stopped watching porn, masturbating became very difficult. I couldn’t get off to my spank bank anymore. But I didn’t go back to watching porn, I really challenged myself. I slowly started to get erections more easily, and this really upped my confidence in bed. Now I realize that I wasn’t masturbating because I was horny, I was just doing it habitually or out of boredom.

So I guess I’m writing to say that if you’re like me and think “there’s no way that my problem is so drastic that I need to cut out porn and masturbation forever,” then you might be right. I cut out porn for 2 months–not a big deal at all in the grand scheme of things–and my sexual energy reminds me of my teens now. Sex is so much more exciting and fun, I’m never worried if I’m going to disappoint my partner.

I still watch porn sometimes (3-4 times a month), but I just don’t feel the NEED to anymore. Give it a try, you have literally nothing to lose. It’s not like porn is going anywhere.

LINK – How moderation made my sex life 10x better

By elerico