Age 24 – I act like more man

I was fapping for few times a day since i was 13 years old, some times 6-7 times a day. This is my second trial of no fap, first one was 23 days and followed three months binging and in my second trial here i am at 90 days.

I will keep it short. Here are the benefits.

Brain fog is gone sharper mind and vision, better organization of work

More confident and i talk more comfortably when talking acquaintances and strangers. But i think i am at 70% of perfect confidence, little more effort will do it well. I start keeping eye contact at long talks without any efforts. I look at the listeners eyes when they talk but i don’t look at them when l talk. This is something i didn’t do anything about it. But i will work on that. To sum up confidence increased.

Desire to achieve things increased. My aim is to lose the belly fat completely and build up some muscle. I am fit looking person but i want to lose fat. For this reason i have been working out for 18 days and i m determined. I feel more eneegetic during workout but the energy levels i have is beyond my expectations. I put the responsibility to flatline. I beleive i will see the results of working out soon.

Lets come to flat line, i have edged once at day 30 due to boredom but i didn’t reset the badge. After that nothing sexual. I have been flatlining since day 7 and i don’t see the light out of tunnel. No libido at all no extreme energy. No desire to talk to girls.No wet dreams no morning wood. But 70% of peeing i put some sperm out unintentionally. And 100% i put out semen when pooing. So no urges this 90 day adventure so its been easy for a determined person like me to achieve this.

Furthermore i had severe depressions at day 30 s but i managed to overcome thanks to religion so no problem. I sometimes have small depressions but i can easily suppress them.

Pmo is like a mask in front of life, after starting no fap u get rid of mask and life shows its bad face severely. You learn how to live life and this is the rebirth.

To sum up im happy with this no fap and i want to get out of this hell long flatline. As long as my libido is back i will work on getting gf.

My advice to you all is to get some purposes in your life and do whatever needed to achieve it.

Mines are to lose weight and become muscular, be best at my job, completing masters degree and enjoy the life without addictions.

Edit: I also want to add that i became and act like more man, no more emotions like girls no more lame and loser like behaviors. Due to this, i act so manly and become angry easily which i kinda like a lot. I think this is due to the testosterone.

LINK – 90 days report

by chelan2