Age 24 – I feel like the sun; my co-worker is a black-hole


I’m 24 year old guy, been in meditation since last 4 years and had the urge to clean the nonsense out of my life. I started holding myself together by taking up hobbies and avoiding Porn, but soon realised I can’t walk this path alone so I came across NoFap. It has taken me a year and a half to come to this point honestly, but the benefits are worth it.

They include

1. Strong self-image

2. Better sleep

3. Deeper voice

4. Better relationships with people

5. Full of energy

6. Better focus in workplace

7. You feel proud to not need Porn ( or women, you know, cuz they sense a desperate lone fucker from a mile { I call them blackholes } and drool over the charming self-controlled men { I call them the Sun })

I don’t know if you’ve tried NoFap or not but I’ll say this straight from Tony Robbin’s Awaken the Giant within.. “Change occurs when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change” To hell with the benefits… Work on finding your Reason first.

It was more like Thor’s hammer hitting you on the face. Everyone discovers their “Why” someday which leaves them thinking “what the hell was I doing till now!?” 😛

I am Neo from the Matrix lol. Everytime I come across even a picture of an airbrushed bikini model I see Agent Smith. Previously I used to run away, now I see guys plugged in the system chasing women becoming their lap-dogs. While here I am, pursuing meaningful things in life.

I gave my laptop to a co-worker for over a month because his system crashed. I feel proud to say…. I saw truckload of Porn links in browser history. That explains his weak physique, terrible approach with women and a laid back/numb attitude towards solving loopholes in workplace. I cleaned it up without the slightest urge to open those links. A year back, I used to be JUST LIKE HIM. Also I was given the task to be a Leader to my team by my professor, to which I responded in my head “What?! Me? Üh Oh! I am not strong enough to handle this!!! This can’t be!!” Maybe it’s my vibes that are talking more than I do. I haven’t crossed 90 days yet, but I can see the difference already.

RECOGNISE your progress and have Faith brothers. It is right there in front of you. If you can’t, nature will help you.

A habit as powerful as controlling masturbation can never be forced onto someone unless the person is willing to try it for themselves. I did my part by saying “you freaked out the only girl in our team and now she quit..” to which he said “yeah man..that girl’s a dumb slut.”( wow ) He’s way too deep in this quicksand. The awakening will come to him on it’s own. That leaves the best impact. I know I wouldn’t have come this far if someone else suggested me to do this.

he did get a Virus in my laptop. I got it cleared. Lesson learnt…anyway. About your friend who faps daily, you gotta know one thing. Guys may look more manlier, stronger, with bigger beards tattoos, riding bikes running businesses etc. but If they don’t know the Power of sexual transmutation, they will hopelessly fail in the company of a Hot chick, because they are slaves of their dicks. ( if you don’t believe me, observe him whenever there’s a new girl in his radar ) I see a lot of guys trying NoFap to get girls, I choose to use the “superpowers” to serve my family first. Don’t go by the muscles of the next huge guy you come across, if you learn this discipline of Self-control you are far more mature ( and attractive as Hell to women! ) as a man cuz you’re doing something extremely tough ( but also extremely rewarding ). Listen to this man VERY CLOSELY.

LINK – I gave my laptop to a co-worker for over a month because his system crashed. I feel proud to say….

By Beyondthequicksand