Age 24 – I had severe PIED: Though I was anxious, I was able to get 100% erect and have proper, amazing sex for the first time in my life


I had severe PIED. I masturbated to porn nearly every day of my life from the age of 14 until mid-February 2016. Between the ages of 21-24, I failed to achieve an erection hard enough to penetrate my four first attempts at sex, each with a different girl, either for sex or oral sex. Each time, I told my partner it was because I had been drinking heavy the night before, which was a complete lie to hide my shame.

I began dating a girl in January, and noticed things may get serious so stopped PMO’ing mid-February when I discovered NOFAP. We did get serious in March, where I failed to perform sexually several times (outlined more below). However I was able to get erect enough to have sex, and did orgasm twice.

I mistakenly thought it was okay to have phone sex when I left for summer break back home, and MO’d about ten times, which set back my recovery significantly. I then went hard mode on July 1st, and did not relapse once.

Last week, I visited my girlfriend. Though I was anxious and nervous, I was able to get 100% erect and have proper, amazing sex for the first time in my life. I orgasmed nearly 10 times in the seven days I saw her. Though I should mention, my erections were usually around 80%-90% so I guess I am still suffering from some PIED.

I wish I knew about NOFAP years ago, would have saved me from several embarrassing sexual encounters. The most important improvement for me is confidence, which I believe has sky rocketed 1000%. The only major lifestyle choice I made during NOFAP was obviously not watching porn, or masturbating. In addition I began going to the gym 5-6 times a week, and have lost 16lbs in two and half months.

NOFAP works, it took nearly 6 months for me to see improvements, but I have now seen them. My goal is to never FAP to porn again, and specifically to never FAP again. My will is pretty strong, as I have never relapsed to porn once. If anyone has questions or needs help, I am more than willing to help!

LINK – My success story, 24 Male, PMO’ing daily since 14

by torleafsfan