Age 24 – Increased attractiveness to women, strength and confidence in studies

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I am 24 y/o and I have completed 10 weeks of my nofap journey and I would like to share some benefits I have experienced. I did my first stand-up comedy and I got a good response. I am going to do more of it. I set a personal record for bench press in the gym.

My heart has improved. I know this because I had come to a stage where I wasn’t able to watch violent movies. I am now able to see a lot more stuff again.

At around Day 56 onward, this older woman started hitting on me. I din’t have the balls to make a move though Lol. I have found lot of really good exercises and I am doing them. I have become more aggressive in a good way as in I am not taking shit from people. I have gained a lot of self-worth and in fact I don’t even go up to girls any more. Only if they talk to me do I talk to them. Also now I only set my sights on really top-notch girsl, like 9s and 10s. I have definitely become less pervy and I appreciate the true inner beauty of some women.

I have totally quit alcohol! Even when I meet my friend at a bar I don’t order any drinks.

 I have learned how to clean my own toilet and I do it every Sunday. Some might laugh at this but I believe it is a skill and a humbling experience. I definitely feel less tired, even at the end of the week.

And now an important point. Today I met one of my friends who I had a crush on in 11th standard. We made good conservation and at the end, before leaving, she hugged me! A tight hug- the first time ever. I felt so good and I was almost in tears at the same time because I realized that if I had found nofap earlier, things would have been better.

I have had a strange confidence about my studies, kind of like if I passed during fapping days, I will definitely pass during nofap:) Social anxiety din’t decrease much but I think it will. Also, the temperature of water while taking bath has decreased considerably.

So that sums up my journey so far. I would say it’s definitely been worth it and I will continue it.:)

LINK – 70 Days NoFap: Journey

By Atul_The_God