Age 24 – Increased energy, concentration, memory. I now complete whatever I start. I look peaceful.

I am 24 year old Indian guy who heard about nofap a few months back.  When I first started Nofap, I was in a worrying state of mind, I used to worry about unnecessary things.

I am currently on Day 46 and I would like to share my experience with you all.

Within a week my head started to clear and I stopped worrying about many things. My energy levels increased and I started having intellectual discussions with my family.

Earlier, I would just sit in my room. My memory and concentration has been consistently improving and is starting to become slightly photographic.

Another positive change I have seen is that I Complete whatever I start. I finished a book on investment, a previously half-completed novel and I watch movies completely now.

One thing which I experienced is that I start looking for solutions with whatever I have in my hand rather than just imagining. I will explain this. I had wanted my own car for a long time. Now i knew I’m not going to a new one so what I did is take my Dad’s car out. When I told him about it, he was actually happy at my initiative and I have been taking the car out since:)

I experienced an increased sense of intuitions and somehow seemed to make the right decisions.

My stamina has increased and I increase distance on the treadmill by 1.5 km each session. Recently I remember errands I needed to run which would previously slip my mind.

One of my friends who met me said I am looking so peaceful. This was on Day 30. I seem to be getting access to good knowledge.

I just don’t care about many things now. I feel excited that sometimes I shout with excitement. I am so determined to continue NoFap that I haven’t gone out on New Year because I feel the girls there might make me lose focus.

I am slightly disappointed that I haven’t hooked up during this period, but I’m sure there are greater benefits awaiting me:) I am going to post more articles here.

Looking forward to your feedback:)

LINK – 24 y/o Indian Guy: Journey so far

by Atul_The_God


it has been a journey from Day 1. There have been continuous improvements like making eye contact for example. Some things become worse at times but then straighten up again like for example social anxiety took a dip but now has gone to some extent. Reaching 60+ is great mentally because now I feel I can make it to the 90-day mark. This female has been hitting on me but I don’t know how to make the move lol. But overall I would say it has definitely been worth the effort and I don’t plan to stop. After a while it becomes easier and you don’t need continous motivation for NoFap e.g. nofap videos etc.

65 Days and still going!