Age 24 – Just asked a girl out

Yeah man so i’m tall, decent looking, and take care of my body but my social and sexual ability are both extremely stunted due to severe porn/substance abuse from 15 until now (24)… I quite drinking, smoking, video games, junk food, and went vegan on january of this year. I also “quit” pmo but we all know how that goes… Finally i got a streak that stuck.

I ordered the veggie burger, saw her smile, recognized opportunity, and stole it. Walked up, told her i thought she was gorgeous, and asked for her number, in front of about 3 other young women. Telling myself the whole time, i am the coolest guy in the room, i dont give two flying fucks if the guy in the corner booth is better looking than me and watches me get rejected, because i am larger than this life… (the mindset granted by nofap).

She gave me the number and is more than willing to meet up we just need to find the time… Thing is, even if i somehow blow it, its still a massive victory for me, and for all of us.

Its interesting because i was always so afraid of rejection but due to nofap my mindset has fundamentally shifted to understand its own potential… And has thereby given me the realization that one person’s opinion (potential rejection) does not define me… I am a smart, (now) disciplined person worthy of love and a fulfilling sexual life… It wasn’t even a cognitive shift, this just slowly dawned on me and now its the reality. I am taking what is mine.

Women respect confidence and guts… And it was obvious that played a role in the acceptance. Pce out guys, and if you relapse, i expect you back on that horse with a clean browser the very next day.