Age 24 – Life feels brilliant

Two years ago I ruined a potential relationship because I discovered I was a porn addict. I came to the realisation I was a stereotype, I was laziness incarnate.

Before: Dead end bartender job, Failing University, Overweight, Failing Relationship, Plenty of one night stands but crippling PIED, messy, lazy, overslept.

Now: Job I love in Aviation, promotion in that time, Quit Uni, Getting fit and losing weight, Training to be a pilot, Girlfriend I’m very happy with, Successful sex without any pills, tidy, still lazy(working on it) , sleep well.

I went through a lot of cycles, don’t think I hit 90 more than once, however my progress blurred as I forgot about NoFap and got on with life.

My experience – When you start you will become obsessed with NoFap, to the point of hypochondria… Get yourself over it, talk to people you trust but realise, this is a journey you must do on your own, not everyone will understand and telling some people will do more arm than good. Not everyone will understand.

Next you will start to recover, you will feel great, life feels brilliant, you’re focused…. But you’re tempted and relapse, then again, and again. Get up, keep going, you’ll get there.

I never noticed a solid flatline but it can and went, expect a period of asexuality. You need to deprogram the pmo in your bran and reprogram real life experience of being with a woman, In the middle you have deprogrammed porn but have not built a sexual framework yet, be patient. Don’t try to force reprogramming your brain, let it happen naturally, this is the point! Trust in yourself that you will get there and you will.

During recovery I’d 100% recommended cialis to build confidence, I had 30 pills and still have over 20 left, I doubt I’ll ever use them.

I got there! Here are some things that got me through:

1) You ALWAYS have the power to override and say no, walk away from the situation, recognise you’re being tempted and remove yourself. Remember this.

2) It’s not just porn you’re addicted to… It’s Dopamine, during recovery you will scramble to replace that fix. Find something productive that gives you it.

3) This is a turning point in your life, Quitting PMO WILL NOT fix you’re problems! But it will let you enter a period of self reflection, use this to understand who and what you are, identify what you want to be and start working towards it. Today.

4) Stop being so serious, go out and talk to someone, have a laugh.

5) Aim of the Game: Replace Instant Gratification with Long term reward.

6) We aren’t normal people, your friends will Be able to watch porn and still function normally, and that’s alright, porn is not THE enemy and it’s not wrong, but it’s our drug and we have to quit. Forever, never go back.

Keep at it! You will become a better you!

I’ll happily answer anyone’s questions in pm or comment.

I’m 24 and I was watching hardcore stuff from 13/14

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