Age 24 – Med student – Been experimenting with nofap for 4 years and I’m here to stay

Social anxiety and low confidence was my whole life. Got into PMO at age 14…. multiple times everyday up until age 20. At age 20 I stumbled upon this for the first time. Had a streak of 45 days, got terrible anxiety the whole time, but felt more energy. Gave up and never looked back. Life continued to be bland and boring.

Continued to PMO for several years – failed getting into medical school two years in a row. Rejected post interview both times.

in 2015 I decided it was time for a change and kept a streak of countless days – got my first (and only) girlfriend, had a huge social network and got accepted to medical school. Interview was a joke. Ended up breaking up with the girl due to distance, mutually.

Fast forward to summer 2015, the closest person in my life was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Spent the summer looking after them and I think due to depression got back into PMO. Family member passed away in September, depression continued. My first year of medical school absolutely sucked – I was PMOing the whole time, had no drive for anything, didn’t attend class, (no idea how I passed) absolutely no girl interactions and my social network is quite weak. Took a month long vacation after first year and totally gave up PMO while there…. people don’t even recognize me now due to how extroverted I am and I feel amazing.

This stuff works if you have a serious problem like I did. Don’t let people brainwash you into thinking its 100% placebo. People here may overhype it but its undeniable. Been experimenting with nofap for over 4 years and now I am here to stay – never turning back and giving up my life to it again. There will be lows (especially during times of loneliness and grief) but we can’t let it destroy us forever

[Used porn]Age 13-24?? 🙁 on and off in my twenties as detailed above.24.5 right now

<3 we’re all gonna make it brahs

LINK – My 4 year battle/findings of NoFap – all truth

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