Age 24 – Mind, body and soul balance!: NoFap Report

I used to jerk off at least once a day during my teenage years and had a major acne breakout, it gradually declined to 1-3 times a week when I started working out in the Gym, the acne subsided too. Still I use to feel weak after fapping and regretted it later every time I did it.

After starting NoFap, I saw that my skin cleared out completely (no acne, no dark spots) and I have the “reborn” feeling.


  • Better Concentration
  • No mind fog
  • Ability to work on computers for hours (I’m a web developer) without getting distracted to porn or other useless websites without using any filters.
  • Ideas pop continuously, whereas before nofap I used to continuously think about porn or similar stuff.


  • My friends say I look pumped
  • Clear bright face
  • More physical strength while lifting weights
  • More stamina while doing actual cardio like running, cycling. (Instead of fapping to substitute cardio exercise LOL!)
  • Superman feels 😉 It’s like I feel as powerful in every aspect, e.g. I used to feel lazy as shit for doing any task, like lifting a heavier weight in the gym, out of my comfort zone, but now it’s like, “bring it on!”Same thing goes on with projects or any tasks throughout the day. I’m able to finish them efficiently within a short span of time, still have time to chill out – and feel energetic no matter how much work I do. It’s like I found out some infinite source of energy to power myself. 😀


  • Respect for the opposite sex, instead of seeing every girl as a sex toy.
  • Feeling of “peace”.
  • Clear emotions and thinking.

I have been jerking off to porn since I was 15. I started NoFap around January this year with a few relapses of course. But now I’m writing this post to remind myself that there should not be any relapses in the future.

Hard mode since 15 days now, I plan to continue NoFap for at least 90 days now, and maybe for life thereafter. You can’t have a good life if you continue flushing your seeds in the toilet. Lesson learnt the hard way!

LINK – Mind, body and soul balance! : NoFap Report

by muscleguy217

UPDATE – 60 day-ish report!

I’m 27 now. I started NoFap so I can stop being lazy at everything and start appreciating my work, people and life in general 🙂

I thought this is a great time to update you guys. Thank you all for you support and motivational posts. Here are my updates –

 Before NoFapAfter NoFap
Wake up timeBetween 8-10amBetween 5:30-6am
Energy levelLow-MedThrough the roof
Talking to strangersLittle to noneTalking to anyone is a breeze
Concentration LevelLowHigh
Motivation LevelLowHigh
Strength LevelsMedHigh
  • Other than the things mentioned above, I go out more times in a day than I did before NoFap. I enjoy talking to different people, working out in the morning, learning new stuff in computer  programming.
  • I haven’t got a date/girlfriend yet but I find it easier to have good conversations with people in general. Though, getting a girlfriend isn’t my end goal.
  • NoFap has helped me to excel in almost all areas of my life a and it’s helping to create a better version of myself everyday!

I hope you all find this a bit motivating and feel free to comment and I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions and respond to your comments.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

EDIT: I never thought I would get these many comments and up votes for my post! It clearly shows the positivity going on here after reading this post. Thank you all 😀

EDIT2: Follow this guy Jocko Willink on twitter, he’s always a great motivator and helped me a lot throughout my journey!