Age 24 – More dominant, enjoying the little things in life


Why I Started I won’t lie. Porn was having a terrible effect on my relationship. It deteriorated to the point where my girlfriend lost all interest in me. The resulting breakup really motivated me to get my shit together. Benefits I’ve Experienced:

  • More energy; taking less naps and getting better sleep
  • Greater mental clarity; I focus harder on my studies; I find it easier to explain difficult/abstract concepts to people; Words and phrases come to me much more naturally
  • My apartment is cleaner
  • I take much better care of myself; shaving, haircuts, other personal hygiene
  • I’m genuinely more interested in women and they seem to be much more interested in me; I find it easy to ask interesting girls out on dates; I actually listen to (and remember) what they say; my ex has reached out to me several times (even though I’d never go back to her, it feels good know she’s noticed the changes too)
  • My voice is much deeper; people have noticed the difference
  • My beard is growing in thicker and faster (I always had a patchy beard)
  • I’m more “aggressive” or dominant in social situations; I’m less likely to take shit from anyone, and happy just being myself
  • My dreams have been amazing; I’ve had wet dreams; but I’ve also had so many amazing, vivid dreams almost every night of the week; this hasn’t happened since middle school
  • My eyes look clearer; I know this is weird, but when I look in the mirror, there is a noticeable difference; the whites and the irises look healthier; my pupils look darker
  • I spend more time with friends and family than I did before
  • I actually enjoy hanging out with the guys and talking about “guy stuff”
  • I am much more appreciative of the little things in life; walking in the woods; reading books; etc.

PIED Shortly after my breakup and a few weeks into nofap, I tried having sex a few times. Honestly, I think I was just doing it to get over my breakup, and I wasn’t nearly ready to be jumping back into it. I remember that I was suffering from a pretty terrible flatline at the time (which, thankfully, went away after about day 25 or so). The result was terrible PIED; couldn’t stay hard for longer than 1 minute, and when I was able to stay hard, I felt like I was going to ejaculate in 10 seconds.

I am finally getting to the point where I feel like I can try again. I will update this point, but I’m feeling confident that my PIED will be cured.

I’m 24. I’ve used porn since middle school. This is my first real streak. I’ve tried before, but nothing serious… maybe 1 or 2 weeks at most.

TL;DR Cut porn out of your diet. It will change your life. Your brain’s dopamine levels will start to return to where they were before PMO. It’s great and I think everyone on this subreddit has a ton of courage! I can’t wait to get to 90 days.

LINK – 50 Day Update

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