Age 24 – Morning wood back, PIED better


So it’s around 6/7 weeks of no porn and barely any masturbation. My morning erections are returning to almost 100% from none at all and I’ve been getting erections at night too. Last Saturday I managed to get an erection while playing around with my fiancée and got a blowjob.

I’ll give it another couple weeks or less and I’ll be 100% cured from PIED. There is hope guys 😀 Stay healthy and most of all dont worry at all because that’s the worst thing you can do other than going back to your bad habits. Worrying gives you anxiety and anxiety will kill your libido.

I’m 24 and nope no withdrawal symptoms. There’s so much benefits man. I usually go to the gym alot (4-5 times a week) and i haven’t been using preworkout because i feel energized. You have alot of extra time. You stop looking at women sexually and pervertedly and notice beauty and shit instead. Oddly, my dick looks atleast and inch bigger and it hangs really low. I feel like i can walk around naked all the time lol! You feel absolutely no need for porn AT ALL. I only feel like masturbating when I’m horny which is normal. Im starting to get mild erections for everything like kissing or if my fiancée leans on me and her butt touches my dick. I feel like i love and appreciate her more.

Maybe I’m recovering so fast because I exercise alot and eat really healthy. My brain feels less foggy everything is much clearer without having to pornify everything so I’m much more focused.

On a long chain reaction I’m beginning to get a six pack again. No porn and no masturbating=extra focus on other things=more time to do other things=extra workouts and also trying to get ride quickly so i exercised more for more testosterone and ate much more healthy and tried to clean my blood up is also helping me in cutting down. I’m losing alot of body fat.

I’m feeling less anxious lately and actually looking forward to sex.

On the b side I’ve been cumming faster since i stopped masturbating and porn. In like 15-20 mins from lasting 1-2 hours without cumming. I’d love to last longer but whatever, i could tell my fiancée loves when she makes me cum fast and in turn that makes me haply when she is so all is well.

I took two supplements which are tribulus pro and l-argenine and positive they helped too.

LINK – Almost back to normal from mild pied

By Edgycoolname


Story: so my new girlfriend and I started having casual sex last august until now but during that time i somehow began masturbating twice daily to porn. The beginning of January i couldn’t get it up and i knew it had to be the excessive porn and masturbation and strangely it happened so abruptly….

Also, i didnt realise but my morning wood had went away and the small things that turned me on before such as hugging her from the back, getting hickeys and making out stopped arousing me….

My girlfriend started blaming herself and asked if she doesn’t turn her on anymore and it made me feel sick to my stomach because I love her and we’re planning on getting married soon. We’re both 24.

Recently got PIED (mild i think) story