Age 24 – Much more self-disciplined, can progress at anything I try


In terms of benefits, I have become much more self-disciplined, NoFap has given me the strength and motivation to become more consistent in anything I wished to and slowly or quickly progress in it. I have started running, something which I hadn’t done since a very long time now

(I occasionally just ran when going to the gym for about 10 min just to give myself good conscience). But this time I managed to run for at first 20 minutes, then 30, then 45, then an hour and I kept on progressing without my motivation or willpower diminishing but INSTEAD increasing, meaning I could bring myself to do even more things and I overflowed with energy. I also started doing push ups and similarly to running, I have been progressing slowly everyday by increasing the number of push-ups.

I have started reading a lot and watching videos from which I could learn something. I limited myself from distractions to leave time for the most important aspects of my life. I started getting interested in many things, in fact, in too many things, to the point where I had to do a list on which things to focus on in order to not waste too much time.

I also understood the importance of surrounding myself with the right people in life, with common interests and similar vision and I have started not getting along with many people in my life including some family members as their vision of life is far too different from mine. This lead me to distance myself from them as I felt that no good influence could come out of actively hanging out with them and talking to them a lot.

In terms of hardships, I have been on an emotional roller coaster during this journey. From happy to angry to peaceful to stressed, however, I understand now that these emotions need to be felt and not suppressed through such things as PMO to be able to control them and evolving as a person.

In terms of women, cause I know you guys love to hear about that :p, well I had a girlfriend with whom I also started not getting along with as I felt she was too negative and much less enthusiast about life in general. Also, I like to talk about improving as a person with people and I just could not connect with her on that level. Anyway, we broke up about a month and a half ago, decided to remain friends but even so, the communication issues remained which created a distance between both of us. I started valuing myself much more during this journey, which all starts from self-love and compassion ( keep in mind that you will love yourself much more by achieving things and progressing, even if it is slow ) and that lead me to behave differently towards women, as a prize for them to grab if you will and they all seem to try to get my attention and definitely respect me more as I have become more of a man in my opinion. Anyway, I value myself too much now to start casually having sex with girls (I have done that in the past and it didn’t lead me anywhere) and would rather connect with one on a deeper level to give her my magical juice 😉

Well these are my progress so far, I hope I have given you enough positive information to motivate you to keep going on this journey! trust me, it is an amazing journey when you focus on the right things.

Do not hesitate to ask me questions in the comment section as I will reply to them 🙂 Best of luck to everyone of you and stay strong!

Nofap gave me the motivation, the will and the right thoughts I believe which I saw as an opportunity to strengthen and improve on myself. So you could say that Nofap gave me the boost I needed to take care of business ( and yes I have been learning other stuff on motivation, positivity and discipline mostly )

I have yet so far had one wet dream and the beginning of another one which I managed to stop as I didn’t want to release any semen.

[This is not my first streak] I went off and on for a couple of years. I am 24

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 LINK – 60 days hard mode check-in! Benefits, hardships and progress made.

By NoFap-King