Age 24 – No longer a virgin! Better at expressing myself

This week I achieved something I’ve always wanted which was to have a cute girlfriend and have sex. I was 23 when I quit porn and I’m 24 now and so this is really big for me.

Yes, I was a virgin until now and she’s had a relationship before so she is more experienced (We played the question game and I actually told her I was a virgin on date 1) but she likes me and it’s cool :).

I say all this because, yes, I am a little proud, but it really gave me a lot of courage to continue when I read stories from others who were saying that quitting porn helped their relationships, because I wanted one so much.

Now, I was horny as fuck when I used to watch porn and I thought I just wanted little sluts to fuck, but now that I’ve actually got a girl I realize it’s more about how we both feel with each other, how it changes relationships with other people in my life and just getting better at expressing myself and telling the truth.

I think as soon as I changed my dating mentality from “I’m a playa who’s gonna fuck mad bitches yo” to “I’m just a standard guy who has a job and wants a girlfriend” I started attracting girls who wanted boyfriends.

Anyway, Nofap is great because I literally always have an erection when I’m with her. Her needing me turns me on and her seeing the bulge in my trousers when I’m with her turns her on. (I’m getting one just writing this!).

So my passing message is: Don’t give up, or at least space out your wanks to once every two weeks. Do keep passing on success stories. Do get a job and ask girls out if you were like me and want a dating life, and when you’re on the date it’s nice to tell the truth, touch them, and if you get hard let them know.

LINK – I’m 24 now, started Nofap over a year ago, it was a slog, but got a job + girlfriend now, totally worth it.

by Dom_Sawyer