Age 24 – NoFap cured my ED. Before I associated sex with fear and anxiety, whilst now I associate it with exitement and pleasure


I started my journey back in late November 2015 and am male 24yrs of age. I started seeing this girl 2 weeks before I left for studies in Australia, not ideal I know, but we felt we had some chemistry so we kept in touch.

Anyways, it’s now been 248 days, and for the past 3 weeks I’ve been on a vacation in Norway visiting this girl between semesters. I was kinda nervous the first night to see if noFap had worked or not, but when we first got intimate things were obvious. After 2 mins of making out I was hard as a rock and ready to go! Fucking amazing feeling of relief! NoFap fucking worked!

I didn’t last for very long though, but that will get better with time and experience I reckon.

Next thing will be to see if I can perform whilst drunk. Not that it matters. It’s just fun to check out as well:)

NoFap has cured me. Before I associated sex with fear and anxiety, whilst now I associate it with excitement and pleasure (Hail NoFap), and it has also opened my eyes to how our brain works in all kinds of different addictions be it porn, junkfood, nicotine etc and how we, with time and patience, can weaken these addictive connections and reset our mind.

I want to thank this forum for being here as a vast source of inspiration and place of knowledge during my journey to a sexually healthy mind, and I also want to thank everyone for caring about what I have wondered about and given constructive feedback.

Pease out! and good luck to the rest of you!


LINK – I consider my self cured! (248d, 24yrs)

by NoFappedy