Age 24 – Not addicted, but developed delayed ejaculation: It’s cured.

Unlike many of you, I’m not an addict.  At least, I don’t self identity as one.  As a typical, American, 24 year old male, I was definitely a user.  I never really delved into rough or more raunchy scenes than I expect me and my girlfriend to engage in.

 I did have a number of tabs open throughout a session, but there was usually one or two I went back to. I may have eventually developed an addiction, but the signs weren’t there. In the end the easiest part in my journey was turning the porn off.  That was no problem.

As a 24 year old male, I had not had much experience.  A few relationships had never crossed the line into going below the waste.  Naturally, when the relationship I’m in now started venturing in that direction, my concern was that I’d be quick.  To my surprise, and after a second and third time, dismay, I was not quick.  In fact, I was not anything.  I was able to get it up, but I wasn’t able to get off from a hand job and eventually went soft.  Even a blowjob couldn’t get the job done.  This was far from what I expected, but I came across this site after turning to he who knows all- GOOGLE!

I was somewhat skeptical at first.  I had heard of a similar philosophy on reddit (no fap) and even seen a TedTalk discussing this topic.  However, until I actually got in the sack with a real life girl, it didn’t matter.  I had no signs that I could identify myself.  As I said before, I don’t consider myself an addict.  Porn wasn’t an everyday thing, it simply was something I did when I masturbated.  I masturbated 5-7 times a week depending on what I had going on, and that was that.  I had never had too much trouble getting off.  I had never had any trouble at all with ED, and thank God delayed ejaculation was the real problem I had.  My penis getting soft after a while was more frustration, though had I gone without rebooting any longer it may have eventually begun to develop more severely.  The key thing that I believe made my journey much easier is that I didn’t always go to porn.  I started on my own, without porn.  I masturbated sometimes with my own thoughts about real people either because I lacked access or simply didn’t want porn that night. 

As I delved deeper into the site, things started to click and make sense.  My skepticism faded as I came across legitimate studies and countless success stories.  After all I thought to myself, what do I have to lose?  I quit porn 11 days ago- for good.  I’ll never go back.  The actual difficult part was deciding on masturbation and actions I’d participate in with my girlfriend.  For the good of my relationship, I decided to give up fapping for the time being.  At the same time, my girlfriend had just hit her period which gave me some time to put off making a decision on participating in any sexy time.  With the decision to give up porn, not fapping wasn’t actually that hard.  That’s a 7 day streak at this point. 

Eventually, I decided I would participate in sexual activities with my girlfriend and hope it didn’t set me back at all.  Afterall, the whole point was for her to get me off.  Tonight, she blew me and eventually got me off!  I couldn’t believe it.  I had thought it would take longer, but the factors I described above (no addiction, not tying masturbation completely to porn) probably let me have a much easier and shorter journey.  We are still yet to have sex, but that will change soon.  I’m going to likely allow myself to fap, but maybe just once or twice a week, and certainly not until after our first time together.  Porn is done for me. 

I know my story is different than many of yours, and I am unlikely to inspire too many of you because my journey was short and easy.  But I want you to know you’re not alone.  Someone who simply was lightly looking at porn was just as affected.  There is light at the end of the tunnel and my God does that light feel wonderful!  It’s worth it!  Do what you have to my fellow rebooters.  I’m free, and you can be too.  Thank you for this site and thank you for showing me how to regain my sexual pleasure!

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BY – happyguy