Age 24 – PIED: Biggest Skeptic No Longer Skeptical


I’m currently on my second stint trying this philosophy, and I am one of the most cynical and suspicious people, especially when it comes to theories that appear too good to be true. I had been watching porn and whacking off to late night BET videos with the a$$es twerking (HAHA) and sex scenes from horror movies since I was about 13.

By the time I turned 22, I had never had a girlfriend or had sex. I had tried to do both, but failed because I could never get it up. I never understood why. I mean, I knew I was attracted to girls. I whacked off to girls and tittays and everything so wtf! When it came to the real deal, I was as limp and shriveled as a dead dandelion.

I’m 24 now, and discovered nofap after wading through billions of articles trying to figure out what was wrong. My doc wouldn’t give me Viagra. He was a big dick, pun intended. I just wanted to try it and see if it would work. But I was healthy physically so that didn’t really make sense. I figured it must be all in the head. No pun intended.

I finally discovered this reddit on google, and gave it a try. I figured, what the hell. There’s nothing else to do. I felt as if my test spiked after a few weeks and then I was limp again for two more weeks and gave up. It felt worse being in that flatline. But then I found myself a girlfriend and started to go weeks without looking at porn or whacking off and didn’t even realize it.

After a few weeks, months, I began to find myself able to perform, and we were banging like rabbits. After we broke up, I went back into my pit of porn. And then, after getting back into the dating pool and looking to bang again, I couldn’t get it up for this blonde that was an LA 8, maybe 9 when drunk. I hated myself again.

So now, on my second stint, I finally believe myself to have turned a corner. I haven’t whacked off in over thirty days. I haven’t watched any porn in nearly three months (and my intake has been lower than it used to overall) and last night, I successfully banged the shite out of a sexy older woman two times. I had a ravenous libido. I came really fast at first but ate her out, and later on in the night we went at it again, even after drinking all night, and I could still get it up! And I lasted nearly twenty minutes.

I have more women in my life than ever. I swear they can sense something about you. I’ve had girls give me their numbers, I’ve been going to the gym a lot and I have my personal trainer (an LA 7-8 with an amazing body) chasing me. ME. And we’re going out this week. Even online, the girls seem to be more receptive. I’ll be seeing one of them as well this week, and the older woman, so my plate is more than full. Physically, I can speak clearly and with confidence, even at school and when talking to hawt women. It’s like their attractiveness doesn’t phase me anymore. They should be happy to have them talking to me! That’s how I’m feeling.

The majority of the time I’m in a good mood. I’m enjoying life. I feel stronger and have more energy. My college work seems easier. And the only thing I’ve ever changed about myself is the nofap, and the noporn (even though I attribute it more to giving up porn, not whacking off still helps).

So to everyone that are unbelievers, know this: I was an unbeliever up until last night, July 17th, 2016, after two years trying it and doubting it. Now I believe I’m on the road to recovery, and I have this community and this lifestyle to thank for it. If I hadn’t found it, I guarantee I’d

LINK – Biggest Skeptic No Longer Skeptical (Success Story)

by themightybandini