Age 24 – PIED cured: I get aroused and turned on very easily just from the simplest things like kissing and touching


I was skeptical about ever going back on this site, as I wasn’t a member very long and also didn’t want to jinx myself, but I just remember when I was having PIED problems and I needed to hear/read success stories to bring my spirits back up. So I’m back hear to let you guys all know that my PIED is no joke damn near 100% gone and non-existent.

After going 50 straight days on hardcore reboot mode I began rewiring with my girlfriend and have had nothing but successful great sex. I’m not kidding around. I get aroused and turned on very easily just from the simplest things like kissing and touching. I haven’t felt this great in years, not even just about sex but about life.

I know my girlfriend is loving it and is just as happy as I am to be over the bullshit that PIED comes with. Our relationship is skyrocketing now and I feel like a whole new person. I will NEVER masturbate or turn back to porn again now that I know how awesome life can be without it. It disgusts me that I use to use that shit. Never again.

Guys who are struggling just hang in there and stick with the program. Reboot then rewire…it’s as simple as that I promise you. I won’t really be on this site again much anymore as I want to put all this behind me but feel free to DM me ANYONE and I will get back to you when I can. I have reached the light at the end of the tunnel and it was worth the shitty fucked up journey through it to get there. You guys can do it too, you just have to want it. Good luck boys.

LINK – PIED all gone…feeling great





Hey guys so I’ve honestly done a bunch of research on all this PIED and stuff so I have a good idea of how I got myself into this mess and all that. I did watch a lot of porn starting in the sixth grade and masturbated quite a bit to it all the way through high school. I was very social though it wasn’t like I watched porn everyday I was normally out getting into trouble but still I would watch porn frequently. I had my first love at 18 and had great successful sex with her for years. After we broke up I was on my own and from age 21-23 I began watching a lot of porn as I was much less social and living in a new place. This was when I started getting into bad habits like watching BDSM porn, having multiple tabs, and using horrible masturbation techniques like the death grip and edging. I started noticing serious problems once I couldn’t get hard at all for this girl last summer, like not at all it was whack. Then I did some research and found all you guys! Nice to know I’m not alone in this! Even though it sucks sorry we gotta deal with this boys. I haven’t watched porn since February and I have been PMO free (HARDCORE MODE) for about 45 days now.

Just wanted to hear from you guys where you think I’m at…or how long my recovery is going to be?

-I do get morning word
-Don’t really get any daytime erections
-I’ve absolutely developed PA due to all the times failing to get hard or stay hard.
-I do have to jerk myself off to stay hard during sex sometimes which I hate doing and won’t do anymore.
-I don’t really know how it effects things but I notice a lot of you guys mention fitness, I workout regularly and am in great shape. 

I’m genuinely curious and looking for answers because I do have a girl I’m seeing who lives out of state (SHE IS AWARE OF WHAT’S GOING ON) and we do attempt/have sex. It’s just annoying because there are days I’m 100% fine and good to go but there are still days I’m having trouble getting and staying hard. Last time I saw her it was like 50-50 in terms of good and not good. That was my fault because I wasn’t taking this anywhere near as seriously as I should’ve and I was still wanking it/edging. But it really brought me down I get really depressed when I can’t perform.

I also do plan on seeing my girl very, very soon…think it’ll be good or bad to start rewiring during my hardcore reboot??

So pleeeeeeease any thoughts or advice boys!!!