Age 24 – PIED gone, very intense orgasms


I had a great weekend. I visited my family, spent a lot of time with friends and with my girlfriend. The last 3 days have been really enjoyable. I had sex with my gf 3 times with very intense orgasms. PIED is gone. Nofap works, guys!

I’m on day 25. I met her one year ago and we started dating little by little. The very fist attempts of sex didn’t really work well for me. I could not get it up and only had an O when she gave me  HJ or BJ. I think it’s because I did PMO several times a day for years, before I met her.

I’m 24. I don’t know if I feel the “typical” benifits besides curing PIED, but I’m much more attentive and less tired during work.

LINK – I had a great weekend

By wooden_stone


UPDATE  – Is pornfree more important than nofap?

Hey guys! I started nofap on October 1st. After one relapse I’m on day 43 again. I do have a girlfriend and we have sex. First of all I want to admit my foot fetish to you. When I did PMO (2-4 times a day) it was 90% foot porn. I also had PIED within the first weeks of our relationship. That’s the main reason I started nofap and it was the best thing I could do! Now my PIED is gone, orgasms feel great again. AND my foot fetish became less relevant for my sexuality. I mean it’s still there, but I don’t need feet to get an erection or an orgasm anymore. Furthermore the relationship with my gf became much stronger. I just need to kiss her, cuddle or touch her skin to get an erection. At first I thought that I couldn’t get one because of my foot fetish. But it was because of the combination between foot porn and daily PMO.

So why I’m not posting this on r/nofap?

I am more or less an active user on r/nofap. But in the past week I felt lots of sorrows, jealousy and anxiety in a way that strong I never felt for a long time. I stayed strong, did not fap BUT I watched foot (fetish) pics. Fortunately I did not edge so nothing happend. My nofap streak is still more than 40 days. But my pornfree streak isn’t. For me “non sexual” foot pics count as porn because feet arouse me. This made me think a lot: Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to start MO regularly. But the day will come that I’m single again with all its disadvantages. I think it’s not that hard anymore to avoid porn or to fight porn addiction. But to be honest, I don’t think I could do nofap for all my life. I already experienced lots of benefits and improvements and I want to hit the “magical” day 90 mark. And even more. But I just can’t come to a decision which lasts a whole life. I would just lie to myself. When you life pornfree you live almost certainly “fap free” for most of your lifetime.

That’s the reason why I think that this sub is more recommended for me than r/nofap. But I will still be active and interested in nofap.

Just wanted to share my thoughts with you

English is not my mother tongue so please forgive me grammatical mistakes


UPDATE 2 – I’m masturbating again and it’s ok

As I described in my first post in this sub I “switched” from r/nofap to r/pornfree because quitting masturbation is not natural and also very unrealistic to do a whole life in my opinion

I had a nofap streak of more than 50 days (with a few porn/edging relapses). I’m very proud of myself for beating the urge to fap for such a long time. But it was more a fight than just a challenge. Hard work so to speak. Some people (especially nofappers) might say I became weak again. Why? Because I masturbating again. Sometimes 2 times a day, sometimes only one time every two or three days. But the difference is that I now masturbate whem I’m horny. During my extrem PMO years I hardly could reach an orgasm without porn. Now my orgasms feel much better. When masturbating and while having sex. And I DON’T NEED ANY videos, pics or whatever. I only need my imagination. But mostly the arousal comes by itself. During my long nofap streak there where times I met my girlfriend when she did’nt want to have sex or she was on her period. And although I was so horny still hours later I did not masturbate. Sometimes this lead to blue balls… The more I think about it, this behaviour makes less sense to me.

But I’m still thankfull to the r/nofap community. It helped me a lot. And those days of nofap where very important to recognise my personal problems (PIED, PMO every day). And it showed me the root of all my problems : PORN

I don’t think masturbation is unhealthy, as long as it’s in a “healthy” rate. But porn makes masturbation unhealthy and can make sex impossible.

I quit porn but I’m not a monk!

thanks for reading and sorry for grammatical mistakes