Age 24 – PIED healed; I feel like a man.


I’m coming to the end of day 123. I feel great. I’m confident, and just happy to go further. Hope I never go back to porn.  I’ll try to be brief but clear. I just turned 24 this past September. Started watching porn 9 years ago.

It became an issue 6 years ago when i finished high school. Started jerking off daily. Then it became worse. A year later I got my first gf. We tried being intimate but I couldn’t rise up to the occasion. I was dumped then stayed without a gf so worsened my habit. This year on June 9th I made a move on a girl and decided to stop PM if she said yes.

 She did say yes. I lost my virginity a month later and was dumped a few days later.I was devastated. So I can say what kept me going during the first month was the excitement of being in love. I was too shocked after being dumped to notice the second and half of the third month passing.

When the shock waned I just decided not to go back to PM. On the benefits, I’m confident and feel strong. And just happy to be in control of what previously had me in its grip.

Started hardmode, lost my virginity on day 26. it was hilariously bad that first time coz of PIED and anxiety. was dumped 6 days later and have been doing hard mode since then. I’ve had just one flatline. Between day 35 and 50. i actually didn’t know what was happening to me. My little friend was just there. Lifeless. But my morning wood afterward became solid. The hardest I’ve been since i was 15. i honestly don’t feel a difference in my ability to remember stuff, but I definitely feel stronger. I feel like a man.

LINK – day 123

By ProfessorExavier