Age 24 – PIED: I can now get a full erection without even touching. Morning wood is back

A lot of people on this subreddit advocate nofap as a way to fix all their life problems. Good for them, but I just want my boners back.

I’ll say this right from the start: I started and am still doing nofap for my erectile health.

Anyway, when I (24/male) started nofap three months ago my erections were in a bad state. I had to stretch my imagination to its most pervy limits to get hard. I’d never get fully hard. If I stopped touching my dick my erection would start deflating within seconds. I would go soft during sex. Morning wood was nearly non-existent.

Now, I can get a full erection without even touching my dick. I had my first wet dream at 80 days, I have morning wood every day and frequently wake up during the night with erections.

In addition to not fapping, I’ve also started exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet, and getting plenty of sleep. I don’t consider myself to be fully recovered, but I’m definitely on the right track.

LINK – 90 day report