Age 24 – PIED: Stronger erections & libido, Greater confidence with women, Speak my mind more

I started because I suffer from delayed ejaculation and can’t maintain an erection inside the V. I was prone masturbating from the age of 6-18 then I started to fap the normal way.

My ex was my motivation to go this far and also to improve myself. Since Nofap I’ve had:

  • Stronger erections
  • Better confidence
  • Better workouts at gym
  • Better posture
  • Deeper voice
  • Speak my mind more
  • Don’t care what people think just do what makes me happy
  • Recently got myself a job as a salesman
  • Meeting and talking to new woman
  • Erections while alcohol consumption
  • Libido through roof 2 wet dreams

I’ve only had one sexual encounter that was on day 70, I brought a girl back to mine after a night out and had sex with her I didn’t finish considering I was so drunk I couldn’t stand had a cut head from head butting a road sign lol so had a bad headache I couldn’t really concentrate and be in the moment however I did Manage to maintain an erection even when she was on top which never happened before normally it would go down straight away but it was solid which I’m really happy about . once I have another sexual encounter hopefully I will finish

I am not going back to fapping until I at least be able to finish in a girl even then I have no really urges so I will try abstain even longer on this streak I do want to say thanks to my fellow non fappers with their great posts it really helped me and motivate me I will keep everyone updated about if I cured my DE I’m proud I come this far on my 2nd streak so definitely going to celebrate lol

LINK – 90 days reached 🙂

BY – Gymcandyman1991


INITIAL POST – 8days in benifits nofap hardmode

okay I’m 24 year old male I’ve suffered pied all my life plus I’ve suffered from Brain fog I was numb emotionally. I split up with my gf (ex) 3 months ago we was together for a year and half so I really had a tough time depressed, Lonely and felt useless but since I’ve started no fap I’ve felt so much happier I can think more clearly I’m more confident got more motivation better posture and last night for the first time i cried tears of happiness 🙂 feeling my emotions I know I still got a long way to go but I just wanted to say thanks and hope it gives you motivation