Age 24 – Real sex is 10 times more pleasurable once u stop fapping

I started working out 2 months ago, gained 9Lbs in pure muscles, went from stick figure to relatively decent thin muscular, and it feels AMAZING.

I hooked up with a couple girls during that time, Flirted/got the numbers of countless women.

Now every time i cringe.. how could i’ve fallen to such sleazy acting all this time xD.

And by the way, Real sex is 10 times more pleasurable once u stop Fapping.

what else can i mention?? ohh! my Gpa is now 4.0, i think it’s dropping to 3.83 this semester :(. and i literally procrastinate. just shows you how even if u do bad, you still do GOOD without the mental hindering that comes with fapping and PMO in general

I just checked back on this page and saw that i’m on 90days! Yes, i haven’t checked here for a week or so since Nofapping after day 23 was a BREEZE to me. And i will show how it will be to you too. I also have a couple people i’d like to thank.

First off, this guy’s book recommendations: Here

After i saw his comment, This happened

i am now at the verge of finishing the last book and i ordered not 1 2 or even 4 but 9 books (mainly on self-esteem, personal, spiritual and mental growth) Here they are

If you guys/gals have ANY question ill make sure i’ll answer them thoroughly! 🙂

I remember i watched my first scene unintentionally when i was 11, then again my friend let me watch porn when i was about 15. and now i’m almost 24, so yea nine years.

And i tried to quit many times on my own when i was 19-20, i remember lasting 40 days and having one of the best wet dreams in my life. sadly that same wet dream is what got me relapsing.

the latest and most successful so far was this streak, thanks to Nofap i’m happy there is a community that helps me become a better person than i ever dreamed of becoming.

LINK – HOLY SHIT i just HIT 90 Orgasmic days! (pardon the pun)

by vanish619