Age 24 – Seven Months In: The bullet-points

1) Looking at fappage material is much more of a choice than an addiction. Thinking is the new ballgame, and now you’re really dealing with it at the most pivotal point.

You can stop yourself from falling into desire in the first place if you’re aware of your thoughts.

2) Having healed a good deal, your mind is much more sensitive to dulling, and this will keep you from pursuing sexual fantasies because you know the damage it does to your mind.

3) Breakthroughs happen a lot, and in groups of consecutive days (until you fall into sexual desire again, because you weren’t watching your mind, or you decided to test desire). Breakthroughs are liberating; have a good place for writing down important things because this is going to be your personal bible.

4) Your concentration game is on point. You can shred through information like crazy, and you can also internalize it. I picked up Android app development in ~3 days, something which would normally take about a month, but the lack of motivation would have caused me to just drop it when it got too difficult.

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by ScottyINeedMorePower