Age 24 – Social anxiety much better, Depression no more, Having real conversations with strangers, Relationship with my friends and family got better


I’m 24 male from Pakistan. I’ve been using porn for more than ten years. Found NoFap on 2015 March, at that time my addiction was very severe soft core porn won’t satisfy me anymore. I start fighting this addiction but never get pass through a week, always end up watching porn and relapse 3 4 times a day. One day i found girl, we become best friends then we fall in love, I’ve never been so happy in my life.

I didn’t realize my porn addiction fucked me up until i messed up my relationship really bad, i end up hurting a girl whom i loved more than anything in this world. Break up was a hard lesson for me. After break up I made promise to myself no more pmo that’s it. It was the hardest thing i have ever done.

First 6 weeks were brutal, being away from pmo makes us more vulnerable to emotions and the emotional pain of breakup was making everything really hard, But I didn’t give up. I didn’t go to porn to numb my emotions.

Initial weeks were hardest and this is how I deal with them.

Work out :

Running helps me tremendously. Seriously guys go for it. It’s like it burns not just calories but also strong urges and emotional pain. Make it your new porn. Feeling down? horny? Having strong urges? Sad? Rejection? Emotional pain? Depressed? Social anxiety? Instead of going to porn and have sex with your hand and numb yourself, go out there and run and don’t stop until every muscle in your body beg you to stop.

New Hobbies :

Don’t try to subtract bad habits in your life instead add good habits and leave no space for old habits. For me I bought guitar and start learning it daily. I replace my habit of surfing internet to learning guitar.

Feed your brain positive things :

Read positive things. Stop your brain from thinking negative thoughts. Live in present moment. And most importantly stop thinking about females and sex. Can you count how many times you think about sex and females in one day?

Benefits :

  • Social anxiety is much better.
  • Depression no more
  • Having real conversation with strangers
  • Deep voice
  • Energetic
  • Outgoing
  • Calm mind
  • Have better control on thoughts
  • Stopped giving shit about what people think of me.
  • Relationship with my friends and family got better.

Lastly thanks to amazing NoFap community. I’ve never felt alone in this struggle.

And sorry for my bad English

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by inigo.montoya