Age 24 – Stutter improving, randomly happy, better concentration

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In 9 and a half years I managed one streak that was bigger than 3 days. Whilst in the past 3 months i’ve accrued 12 of these. This has resulted in a few benefits

  • Higher concentration.
  • Being randomly happy.
  • Not slacking on morning routine on bigger streaks.
  • Talking without so much of a stutter.
  • More confident sounding voice.
  • An 11 day streak on Duolingo that I’m still on.
  • Able to suggest improvements at work that I would have shyed away from previously.
  • Meditating on the bus without caring what other people think. 30 minute journey so I normally finish after 10 minutes.
  • Walk with purpose.

May be more but the future definitely bright! Second quarter guaranteed to be even better 😉

I started …quite late at the age of 15. But I’d still say that it caused me an addiction that although would not completely ruin everything was frequent enough to make all sorts of issues occur in the next 9 years of my life. In that time I think I never went more than 3 days other than the one time I was sharing a bedroom with a few other people for 5 days. So 1 5 day streak. Since discovering NoFap in Dec 2016 I have had Three 4 day streaks Four 6 day streaks Three 7 Day Streaks One 13 Day Streak One 14 Day Streak

LINK – 2017 First Quarter

By justonemoretime93