Age 24 – The most important benefit that I have gained is the blissful state

I haven’t had any wet dream or ejaculate in 3 months and I think this is why I have gotten all these benefits… in the last days I wake up feeling so horny and on the verge of orgasming and during the day I feel there is something moving in my hands and my feet, like an energy moving, the feeling is so energetic and gives me some nice feelings like mini orgasms throughout my body.

First I must tell you, I am handsome (told by lots of people before nofap) and strong, but I have never ever got the attention or the attraction before nofap (so it’s not about looks) the attention and respect from people in general and from girls in particular is just scary! I really don’t know why or exactly how? But some girls said that they felt so comfortable with me, and they felt that i was very sexual and hot! And men in general gives me a head nod and greet me when I look at them although I have never met them, I’ve noticed that a lot of men lean their head forward when I pass by them and they keep looking at my eyes, and I can tell that it’s respect that they are giving me…and when i am in restaurant or coffee, the waiter or waitress, are so nervous and so respectful, like I’m an authority or a celebrity…I always struggled somehow to get a girl into bed quickly although I did succeed, but now, some girls tell me directly to go home with me and I say no! Whenever I am with a girl, she touches me and after the second date she put her head in my shoulders and licks her lips!! I never thought that this is even possible before.

I have studied a lot of techniques of seduction and body language and attraction in general years ago, and I know pretty well the social game and everything related, and I didn’t have a problem with self confidence in the past, so I know that it’s not a placebo or anything like that, nor is it the mindset or the wishful thinking, the effects on my body are so real and cannot be denied and the effect of my presence is also so real, when i walk in the street I see that people suddenly turn their heads and be alert when they seem me or my best friend (he’s also in this, I forgot to mention it lol), and I see what’s happening to me is also happening to him! People are just attracted to him a lot, even more than me, maybe because his body is huge and more muscular and also very good looking! But I tell you that this never happened to him or to me before nofap.

Now You have two choice, to think that this guy (me) is bullshiting here and talking about nonsense and things he doesn’t know or understand, or you could use that to you advantage and to motivate yourself to stop this suicidal habit once and for all! If I was you I would choose the second option to motivate myself because I know that there is no reason why to bullshit here about these things.

It’s a great journey and I know that 3 months is nothing compared to the years I used to fap to porn…from the start I decided that I will never do it again and haven’t doubted my decision even for a second, and I hope that you do the same…you may not get the same benefits but the journey will be Freaking Worth it!

TL;DR: The most important benefit that I have gained is the blissful state and the feeling of High that is with me every second.

LINK – The Most and Greatest Benefits i Gained from 90 days of No Ejaculations.

by Alpha-Man

EARLIER POST – 12 weeks Hard mode, and i must say that this journey was the greatest thing i did. I mainly did it to get girls or more precisly to chase girls, PMOing did destroy my desire for real women & i thought that stopping PMO would make me chase real girls but it turned out that Girls chase me now!

<--break->I really don’t have to do anything, girls give me clear signals and huge stares and attention whenever i go, I don’t have to chase them anymore! but i certainly have to make the first move which usually is a simple “Hi” !

Now girls do compliment me a lot in my looks and manliness, they act so feminine around me, and even old women with their husbands seems interested in me and stare at me without looking away after i look at them! and when i enter a place I get all the attention from every corner, it’s like i am a king or something! It is Crazy guys and this is why i’m writing about it more, it’s just Unbelievable, and most of the time i just smile or laugh about it because I feel that I have the secret to attraction!

I have already made posts about this in the past, and at one point i’ve lost all this a little bit, but in the last couple of weeks it returned again.

but it’s not only about women, Men seems to be more anxious and respectful around me, this isn’t some bullshit Guys! I read body language and i know what i am talking about, before nofap I didn’t have all these experiences with women being more attracted to me and Men more respectful to me.

My best explanation for this ‘phenomenon’ is the semen retention benefits ! which basically says that abstaining from ejaculation will lead to a better health, physical and mental ! and women are attracted to healthy Men, healthy men tend to have an attractive body language and confidence…so they seem to be like a good catch to women, because women want a Man who has good genes.

TL;DR : If you want to attract girls naturally then stop fapping !!!!!


I am an Atheist ! and a science student like a lot of people here, it  has nothing to do with religion or beliefs !!!!!!!! and i’m a very veryskeptical person as well.

I started fapping when i was 12 and porn when i was around 15/16

LINK – Did Nofap to chase Girls, but turns out Girls are chasing me NOW !

by Alpha-Man


UPDATE – My Amazing Experience with 4 Months of NO Ejaculations! [Really Motivating]

I’ve completed 4 months PMO free, had no orgasm, no sex, no wet dreams …but what’s really interesting now is whenever i see a woman’s attractive body parts, i feel this huge rush in my whole body, it’s like electricity is inside me, my whole body shivers and trembles and i feel extremly horny and active, I scream inside ! but before nofap i couldn’t get it up for an naked average looking girl in my bed, and now i don’t think for a second about using my hands or watching digital naked women to get off, That’s not even an imaginary option for me, and i hope it’s not an option for you too, Fapping to porn is making your sexual life miserable, for me personally it’s like i’ve never PMOed in my life now and never’s truly like smoking, Disgusting and costly! what’s more interesting is that I have some female friends who begged me for sex in the last couple of months but i felt as if i am going to be used, i saw the desperation in their behavior, the desperation of wanting something from me so bad and as if they want to suck my energy somehow, it’s like when you get all the attention you will feel that you have something that females strongly want, which is your sperms, of course they don’t know that, but you know! they will show you a face that you’ve never seen before, a face of hunger and then you will know that your sperm is more valuable than you’ve imagined before! of course there is nothing wrong with what women do, it’s natural ! but I believe that a Man should be in control of his sexual desires…and if you have told me that i will stop orgasming for 4 months, i wouldn’t believe you! but now it’s a reality. I was worried that by not ejaculating i’d do harm to my prostate especially that i felt some pressure there multiple times before, but they all gone and i feel great with no worries, Do not fear Prostate problems or blue balls…your body knows what to do, and by fapping you are doing more harm than good for your body and brain.

I started having cold showers 2.5 months ago and it’s something i’ve never imagiend myself doing before, i always wanted hot showers but after having my first cold shower i no longer have hot showers at all and also I started going to the gym 2 weeks ago, and gained a lot of muscle by the way, but what’s really interesting is that i saw a correlation between going to the gym and the amount of attention i get from women, it’s not like i’m seeking or needing any attention from women but it’s quit interesting to see something unexplicable like that happening especially that one day after the first session in the gym, the attention doubled and I was really amazed and astounished by this again and again! the feeling of fearlessness and happiness increases day by day and it’s like i am on Drugs most of the day! feeling high… now i don’t get stressed or worried about my problems anymore, i didn’t experience fear during my nofap journey except in my flatline period and now even the little approach anxiety i had before when approaching women is gone! whenever I want to approach a girl now , a hint of fear appear and then suddenly there is another good feeling or energy in my stomach that blocks it, that happens not only with women but also with anything that can cause fear or bad feelings, one time a dog wanted to attack me, i felt afraid for a second, a hot rush in my chest and stomach area started, but it subsided quickly and courage and cold nice feeling in my stomach replaced the bad ones…Truly Amazing, i was confused when that happened especially that I’m not the only one having the same results, but also my two best friends and a lot of people here in this subreddit as well.

I know that nofap is about stopping PMO! but for me it’s more than just that, It’s about being a Man I’m not a religieuse/mystical person nor i’ll ever be! I am a scientific analytical and critical man, however, I do believe that not ejaculating semen frequently has a lot and lots of benefits and advantages, i know there are no scientific studies to back this up but i’m sure there will be in the near future but up until now there are no proofs nor studies about this, and all we have is our experience and the experience of other people like us who reports the same things over and over again, i’m experiencing the benefits and the feelings are great if not perfect…I will certainly have sex soon but right now i’m really enjoying this state of Happiness for no freaking reason and i’m enjoying this power and magnititude that i have with people and with myself! my friend told me that after ejaculating 3 times during sex with a hooker, he regretted it and felt like shit afterward! not saying that sex is bad, not at ALL! I am saying that you have something precious inside you and you need to take good care of it and choose with whom you share it and do not waste it with the wrong women…and most importantly eat right, have some Cold showers and work out, Take care of your Body because you only have ONE ! and feel free to comment or ask or critisize, it’s a free country as they say 😉 but again, I hope that this motivates you to Stop that silly behavior and take charge of your life (at least your sexual life) !