Age 24 – This has taken away all my anxiety and given me a new outlook on life

I had lost all my mojo and I was losing my creative energy over the years. I think I had also gotten very cynical and negative and I think I might have  been really depressed.

I would be fapping more than twice a day even to porn and was getting into some weird crazy porn. I had gotten very disgusted with the idea of the kind of life I was living and I knew that I needed a 180 change.

To make a change I joined a gym which was a major shift in my psyche and I felt it only in a few days. This was about two months ago and I had gotten very skinny. I don’t know how I discovered nofap but I did and it made total sense to me. I have been somewhat spiritually active and It hit me in my face that I had been doing something majorly wrong with my life. My first streak lasted about 12 days after which I jerked off and then relapsed to porn a couple of times. This made me feel like shit again. My anxiety was back and I could see how my performance in the gym suffered. This time I was determined to change that. This is my fourteenth day.

I have been getting only better at the gym. Put on 10 kgs- 22lbs in the past 2 months now. Been on dates with two different women in the last two weeks. I have been getting unwarranted attention from women all the time. These two women are dtf me but I think I am just in two minds about it that If I should or should not practice nofap on hard mode. This has taken away all my anxiety and given me a new outlook on life.

I feel like one of those sales people on those shitty tvc’s who say that I used to be fat but the so and so project changed my life. Now my husband takes notice of me and all that bullshit.

Nonetheless makes me feel like a kid again and you guys have been really motivating me about it. Thank you once again!



I started watching porn when I was 13 or 14 I guess. Its been about 10 years and almost for the last 8 years I was an addict, watching it everyday. I have had addiction issues with certain drugs in the past and alcohol for some time too and especially smoking and I have kicked all of them in the sack and have been very clean for a long time now.

I would really to build a relationship and get sexual because I have had too much no strings attached sex in the past which as gotten me nowhere and probably made me kind of a creep by the end of it.

I am only developing kind of a healthy narcism wherein I am loving this new person that I am becoming. Cheers to the future!!

LINK – Been a while I started. And I need to tell you certain things. Also I really want to thank you guys.

by doaurdopaanch