Age 24 – Went from internal sales slave to a sales manager, healthier too


I found nofap in 2012. I was suffering from testicle pain and after doing some research on my condition I was led to believe it could heal itself if I abstained from ejaculation for 3-6 months. As someone who jacked off twice a day sometimes as many as 6 or 8, this opened my eyes to just how habitually PMO had become.

Fast forward 4 years later, my longest streak was actually whilst I was single reaching 83 days. In these 4 years I’ve overcome ‘undiagnosable’ crippling injury (could not walk/drive/stand), depression, muscle atrophy, thoughts of suicide and painful self evaluation. Finding this subreddit however and its concept of how damaging addiction to PMO can be is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. So whilst I struggle to not beat myself up about relapsing these last few days, like Leo says in the Wolf of Wallstreet… IM-NOT-FUCKIN-LEAVIN!!!!

About these 4 years: yes I am happier. Although I feel that when I was single Nofap feels the most incredible to just be walking around with so much testosterone and confidence, I put myself out there a lot. I just happened to have some sports related injuries (overtraining as was probably addicted and spending 4 hours per day diving stick messed up my ankles), so I think the injuries caused most of the negative emotions I’ve felt. In the 4 years i also went from an internal sales slave to a sales manager, got a better car etc, read a lot of books, tried toastmasters, also realised sales is not my dream but my fathers and that it’s not remotely fulfilling, so I’m quitting to go to university. I write all this to try to get across the shift in mindset. Personal development for me is huge.

I’m 24, realised I had a problem at 20. I’d say I’d been using porn since 11. I tried just masturbating without porn but I can’t seem to regulate that either.

Thank you to all of you for your wisdom shared here and keep up the good fight.

LINK – 4 years into NoFap

by Snoop_Liony_Lion