Age 25 – 515 days: Since I started NoFap, my life turned around and I’m getting better in all aspects

Been watching Porn since I was 15, went from being a very social, happy kid to breaking up School, unable to get into relationships with women & social anxiety. Since I started NoFap, my life turned around and I’m getting better in all aspects I mentioned, finally.

Things, you want to know:

  1. Its worth it
  2. You learn to forgive yourself, forgive your relapses
  3. You’ll develop strong will power, which floats into other Areas of life aswell. For me its working out on a daily Basis and sticking to my Goals
  4. More Confidence due to higher Testo-Levels
  5. Social anxiety is lowered drastically. Only kicks in when Im very stressed, overslept or hungry.
  6. You get more Balance in mind and Body. I can feel how Food and Actions affect my Body in specific way more properly. Im also more Level-headed when it Comes to discussions or being depressed.
  7. You will learn to love yourself and therefore love others. Im way more Aware of my own emotions and of others. Im more connected to my loved ones, Family and even pets.
  8. Super powers are showing in the beginning, but as everything in life you get used to them. Im happy in this very Moment and I learned to accept that life is a rollercoaster and everyone has Problems in every Phase of life
  9. Skin Problems, Erectile Disfunction, impulsive emotions, hair growth/loss, energy Levels, Motivation, dreams is all directly affected by my PMO Habits. I can now say that, firstly because of my own experience & I read many, many threads on here from People reporting the very same.
  10. Girls will like your shiny eyes and good posture. I get Looks everyday, when I go outside. Girls even turned around and smile at me more often.
  11. You’ll get aroused when you see a Girl in real life.
  12. You’ll get wet dreams
  13. You’ll get bigger balls and for me, my dick is thicker flaccid
  14. The relapse cycle, binging, chaser effect, edging is something I learned to deal with. I built up so many streaks and in the beginning I was very angry and guilty, but the last few relapses I forgave myself pretty fast and went back on track. Its part of the journey to get to know yourself better and to master your desires. PMO isn’t one of my desires anymore. I can now really say that and Im not thinking about it anymore. I still have to accept ‘flashbacks’ from time to time, where I catch myself having messed up thoughts and dreams. There are many People on here reporting having dreams of themself sitting in front of their pc masturbating. I had 3 of those dreams aswell. Since 100days they didn’t come up and Im very glad about it.

NoFap is a great lesson for me and my life and I recommend every guy to conquer this once in life. I learned so much during this struggle. Keep on rockin. Big Up and greetings.

If you want to know anything else, please go ahead and ask. Im 25y old.

LINK – 515 days Nofap. Everything you need to know

by DynamiteDeluxe


UPDATE – How to overcome anything addictive

Today I sit here and observe my life, because I learned something very important from NoFap: Patience.

After ~600 days of doing NoFap; more & more serious I build up this awesome streak, I can sit with people, who smoke

I can sit next to sweet candys I used to love since I was a kid, but not touching them, because they hurt my tummy

I can play video games without overdoing and without anger or boredom, but just for fun – just for what they are supposed to

Hell, I can even browse youporn without getting aroused. Today it was the first time I visited this site for like over 100 days, because I checked a video (ex gf) if its still existing (I know, I know, edging) but it wasn’t a problem. I just checked, if it’s still there without watching and left straight away with a little feeling of disgust and with a thought like “How the hell was I even able to like all this before ?”

I can sit with people, who drink coffee and alcohol on a daily basis, some of them in huge amounts, but I just don’t even want it anymore, cause its always making me feel sick (you should know I developed health problems, cause I abused those substances over the last decade)

I can talk to people, who are angry at someone or about something completely redundant and I just try to stay in a serenity mode and I try to help them get over it instead of pouring more oil into the fire.

I can look people in the eye without feeling shame.

I can forgive myself and others for slipping and making mistakes.

I can be free.

And all this, because I learned how to be patient. Without this really huge challenge right here I couldn’t ever think of my willpower being so strong like it is today. It’s so astonishing and purely great.

Thanks NoFap, thanks to everyone, who helped me out on here!

  • ps: here’s a little motivational video I really love (it’s not like all the other workout/speech/aggressive videos out there, you know)

  • small hints for our future way:

Replace old habits. Just do it!

Weed, alcohol, PMO, anger, coffee, sugar, video games, fatty fast food – I used to consume all of this for a decade, ok. I am 25 and I changed, because of NoFap. I completely changed.

Running, reading books, meditation, loving family, more socialzing, got a job, flirting regularily, fresh food, workout (own body weight & weights), taking care of other people, sharing my surplus even with people I used to hate. Thats me today, on a daily basis. It’s a crazy feeling tiping this. 😀