Age 25 – Attention from girls a bit overwhelming, self-respect soaring


Coming up to day 100 now – let me just say it’s been unreal experience – my longest streak yet. I relapsed last year after about 7 weeks and regretted it bigtime – this year is the year. I’m 25 now, but found out about nofap when I was 21 and been battling since. Honestly, it was social anxiety that drove me to begin with – now it’s the fact that I want to be able to control these urges and not resort to PMO.

I feel like I respect myself a hell of a lot more now, and this shines through me – it’s given me great confidence and I overthink a lot less now about social situations – it’s made life a lot easier and things just seem to be going better. Oh not to mention, the attention I get from girls these days has actually been a bit overwhelming 🙂 I’ve found that it sort of forces you to go and find the ‘real deal’ – aka talk to more girls and get yourself out there. Which is great if you’re trying to become more social.

I’ve actually been traveling quite a bit at the beginning of this year, so I capitalized on this opportunity of constant busyness to avoid PMO – which has worked but there have been times in the second month where it got quite difficult.

  Now I’ve settled in a major city in Asia where I’ll be until the end of the year and I really haven’t had trouble finding female friends- that being said, I have added gym quite a bit into the mix which has helped – also, a psychological shift – where when I start fantasizing, I stop that train of though and ask the question “Are these thoughts really helping me right now?” and that usually stops me from going any further.

I had sex once mid January and again recently – it didn’t really do much to be honest, just keeping my mind off it and busy doing other things worked wonders.

Although I’ve always wondered about semen retention and whether that has effects or not.

  I read here and there about stoicism, study things I’m interested and generally keep myself busy. I’m talking to a few girls now – Also, picking up a hobby like photography (being able to find a girl who is into it helps too) is awesome.

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By phzar