Age 25 – Before: Hated my social life & job, no friends. After: Many more friends, love hanging out, love my job (still no GF)


I don’t think NoFap gives you something MORE. It powers up your mind. When you can set goals like NoFap, and fight back urges, you’re actually training your mind to do whatever the fuck you need to do and especially you WANT to do. This is the power of NoFap. You can set a goal, and reach it.

So that in the future, when you think a goal is unreachable, you can ACTUALLY think that you will, one day, slowly maybe, reach your goals, and live HAPPILY.

Let’s start saying what I was BEFORE my NoFap:

  • Little to no friend (only one probably true friend)
  • No girlfriend
  • Little to no sport at all
  • Hated social life
  • Hate my job

AFTER 180 days of NoFap:

  • Many more friends, maybe even up to 15 people who care when I’m having troubles and help me
  • Still no girlfriend, but I asked a girl out for first time in my life. I have 3 female friends, which I have NEVER had previously in my life.
  • Make sport EVERY day. I go running, I do workout, I’m into a MTB race (my team is 6th place, not bad I guess)
  • Love hanging out with people and don’t feel disgusted about myself anymore.
  • I LOVE my job. In fact, even though one is remunerative enough, I also have my own startup and I love working on it in every moment of the day!

Thanks guys for the support all over this time! See ya at the next report.

LINK – 180 days of NoFap – My report

by no-fapper-ghl