Age 25 – Better mood & energy, More communicative, More in touch with my feelings and emotions

Another big milestone. I’m a 25 year old guy, trying to be better. The benefits for me are:

1. Increased strength, more weight lifted at the gym
2. Seeing definition start to show in my body
3. Doing 40 minutes of cardio 5x a week
4. Meditating or praying daily for 20-40 minutes
5. Not staring at women’s bodies, feel less guilt and shame toward real women
6. Very few urges
7. Less time watching TV, or on Facebook
8. More time reading books average 2 hours a day
9. Better diet (very little junk food)
10. Better mood consistently
11. More communicative
12. More in touch with my feelings and emotions
13. More energy, to give to others, to help with housework, homework, cooking

During this last 60 days I left an education program that wasn’t right for me, and started applying to a new program that has a bright horizon, I moved from a place that was a toxic, sedentary environment, to a beautiful, warm, loving home. The present moment is full of life. I am not worried about the future, and I am forgiving the pain from my past.

Now I’m going to go one day at a time, and I look forward to giving another update at 9o days. Thank you NoFap! I have signed in almost every day, and read others’ posts, and sometimes give feedback. This community has made it profoundly easier to conquer my PMO addiction.

LINK – 60 days hard mode

by blindvulture

UPDATE – 80 days hard mode

80 days is another victory for me! Only 10 days to 90.
I’m going to take my time to write a success story on day 90.
Two sets of 40 days.
It gets easier.
When I entered college at age 18, I was already conscious of the problem I have with PMO. I thought to my self, I have to grow up, put childish indulgences behind me, be responsible with my time, respect my body, and psychological health. I failed myself then. Rejections, jealousy, fear, and other powerful and painful emotions overcame me and I used PMO to get temporary relief. Every birthday or new year after that, I thought I was overdue to man up, and quit the false source of immediate sexual gratification that caused measurable damage to my life. All of a sudden I’m 25, single, and still a slave to PMO. I had serious thoughts of suicide. Suicide really seemed like the only option to me. That is exactly when I found NoFap, and joined. I have felt increasingly more alive since then. Quitting PMO has given me a new lease on life!

Do not give up! The results are wonderful.

I love this group.
Do not be too hard on yourself if you relapse. We are all in this together. When I see relapse posts, I appreciate them because they remind me of how strong PMO addiction is, and how I was a slave to porn and masturbation for so many years.

Wisdom comes from God with age. Older guys know what I’m talking about.