Age 25 – Cured my PIED, better orgasms

I’ve held onto a regret for about 5 years and always wanted to do something about it. When I first started NoFap that little picture of the astronaut to the right had less than 10,000 beside it. It is amazing to see that it has grown 20 times that since then and obviously helped so many people. I’ve always wanted to tell my story of Porn, Masturbation and Orgasm and the effect that it has had on me and my life.

If my story was to help 1 person on this journey it would be worth it. When my ED was gone I stopped using this subreddit and continued on my life with my girlfriend, still abstaining from Porn and Masturbation. I am single now and have been for some time. Now I realize that although at the time my ED was cured, my PMO addiction wasn’t. When we broke up I was straight back onto it instead of going out there and getting another ‘mate’ if you will.

My Story I started masturbating at the age of 11 and probably started watching porn at age 15/16 and so I had been a heavy porn user for 4 years and masturbating for 9 years. I didn’t know any better and thought it was the greatest thing in the world. Thinking back to it now is probably the reason I had such difficulty holding a conversation with a girl/dating/relationships etc.

I lost my virginity with a friend(friends with benefits type thing) at age 19 and had serious difficulty in ‘keeping it up’ and ‘finishing’. I guess this can be considered normal as it’s your first time but this went on…basically for the few months we were sleeping with each other. I then met my girlfriend and me and my friend stopped hooking up. I had the same 2 difficulties with my new girlfriend. We were doing long distance so in a way I was blessed because it was going to be 2 and a half months before I see her again.

When I first started NoFap 5 years ago my main aim was to improve my sex life and cure my PIED(Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction). It wasn’t all bad but I always new that it could be better and that I wasn’t and my partner wasn’t enjoying it to the fullest. I always had to tense up in order to ejaculate. I wasn’t able to have sex with her on top and if I wasn’t in complete control I wasn’t able to stay hard for very long. I realized this was a huge problem and that sex wasn’t supposed to be like this. I can only imagine how frustrating this was for her as she was more experienced then me and from her going from having ‘normal sex’ where 2 people are engaging to only 1 person engaging (ie: me) must have been not as good…

So, now onto our time apart. The 10 weeks where I found NoFap and it cured my ED. Well…to put it simply, it worked…and it was…amazing. I actually cannot put into words how amazing it was. Going from struggling sexually to performing better then I ever have was just incredible. Before I get into what I noticed mentally and physically I want to be completely honest about me abstaining from P, M and O. I have pondered over telling the truth in case people take this the wrong way and decide to watch porn and edge or whatever. But I still feel I should be completely open about my experience.

During my 10 weeks I did edge and I did watch porn, although this was drastically reduced to my normal routine of twice a day, everyday for so many many years. The main thing that I did was abstain from ejaculating for the 10 weeks. Again…this is in no way a suggestion that you should do the same as me, I am just giving my experience and I do think that abstaining from all 3 will be much more beneficial and give you a better chance of reaching your goals. I am currently on 7 days straight of absolutely no P, M or O and it feels great 🙂

So, when I seen my girlfriend again. Kissing led to a very quick and massive erection, followed by a BJ. I stayed hard for the entire time and it came with an explosive orgasm, one that I will never forget because it was the best one I have ever experienced, even better then my first ever orgasm at 11 years old. I was a little nervous about the sex because this area was one of the more difficult areas to stay hard. Well, it wasn’t, she got on top of me and we stayed in that position for the full duration until she came and then I came. It was a magical moment if I’m honest. Not only was I able to stay fully hard from a BJ, I was for the first time ever able to lie back, relax and let her have sex with me on top while we both ‘engaged’ each other. Sorry about the detail :P. So I guess that is the physical benefit I gained from NoFap. Ohh…how could I forget…BIGGER Penis! Lol. Okay so I guess bigger penis is a bit silly but from what my girlfriend had said and from what I noticed it did seem bigger. In my opinion I feel that it was a result of a harder penis, a harder penis is a more full penis and so…its bigger, woohoo!

Mentally I feel that cutting back on porn made me more sensitive, kind and appreciate women more. Again, abstaining from porn completely is a much better idea. One huge thing that happened for me from cutting back on watching 20 hot babes in a masturbation session was that when I saw my girlfriend again I was looking at the most beautiful women I had ever seen in my whole life. This proved to me how porn rots and desensitized your brain for when you are looking at ‘real people’. Along with PIED I had desensitized my penis and so wasn’t able to stay hard or have the glorious orgasms that you should be having with a real person. Every orgasm I had after the 10 weeks felt nothing short of magical and they were better orgasms then I had ever had.

Now, I guess this would be a perfect end to the story if we stayed together and we had great sex for the rest of our lives but we didn’t and I did break it off with her for different reasons. I went back to PMO. Over the last 5 or so years I haven’t had another proper girlfriend but I have had sex and guess what…it hasn’t been as good because of…Porn, Masturbation and Orgasm. I am now back on NoFap with 1 week of no PMO 🙂

Conclusion: I know that this is a bit of an all over the place story and not the best writing so apologies for that. Writing has never been my strongest asset :).

I wrote this to show that NoFap helped me with the following:

  • Helped my sex life
  • Cured my PIED (Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction)
  • Cured my ED (Erectile Dysfunction) as I feel that with so much masturbation this desensitized my penis as well.
  • Found women more attractive
  • Gave me better orgasms
  • Confidence in all aspects of life, not just with sex and girls, but with work, training, appearance etc.

I hope you have enjoyed my speal and if I can help anyone in anyway I would be more then happy to. NoFap really did do wonders for me and I hope that I can give something back. I know that my story isn’t your picture perfect 90 days PMO free, met my future wife, we fell in love and our having an amazing sex life kind of read but it was just my experience and I’m telling it like it was.

I am happy to be PMO free from the start of 2017 and I look forward to what this year will bring me 🙂

I am now 25.

LINK – Began NoFap 5 years ago. 10 weeks of it cured my ED. Started again since Jan 1st 2017. Here’s my story.

By Black-bird2016