Age 25 – Erections are firmer and more frequent, Increased penile sensitivity, Deeper voice

So here I am, after doing 90 days of hard mode. It all worked out in one try (at least by my standards).

First of all, let’s access whether this is actually a success story or not, few can do such a period without any sexual stimuli. This is what I did.

Porn None. I haven’t watched porn. I didn’t do it when I started this, and I didn’t start

Masturbation (as in with hands) Only in the first week I masturbated unconsciously when I was asleep. I would always wake up just before orgasm. Since then my hands haven’t gotten near my penis for the purpose of sexual stimulation.

Edging (as in receiving sexual stimuli without hands) Admittedly, I have woken up while working my penis against my mattress on day 67. I haven’t done it since, but I’m not sure if I will totally get rid of this habit either. Also there is a bit of a grey area here. For example, when I wake up with a boner, it will be hard not to receive any pressure on that sensitive boner while getting up, whether it would be from my boxers, mattress, blanket, the clothes I put on. So there are always some sexual stimuli, and that’s totally okay to me.

Orgasm I had a wet dream once, at day 35. Since then I haven’t had an orgasm, my sperm has mostly gotten away through leakage.

Porn subs I have watched a few. Very few, but I have done it. Pop culture is so sexually explicit these days that it is hard to totally get around it. The last time I watched it was at day 67. I’m sure I can get rid of this habit in the near future.

What has changed?

  • I didn’t have ED at the time, but erections are certainly more firm and frequent.
  • Penis looks bigger when not erect.
  • Increased penile sensitivity
  • Pee has become thicker due to leakage
  • Beard growth has slightly increased
  • Voice has become slightly lower and more masculine
  • I’m not wasting my time jerking off (which is most important)

How did I get here? There was little to lose in this experiment. I had no choice in the matter if I would jerk off to something because I simply always did. I wanted to do this and I wanted to do it right. At first glance NoFap looks easy, but like everyone, I was in for a surprise. However, there’s a certain simplicity in NoFap which is “don’t jerk off, no matter what happens!” So when you feel you first urge coming up, get creative. Instead of fapping, go meditate, go to the mall, go and run around screaming naked, tie your own hands, I don’t care, as long as you don’t jerk off you are one step closer to beating your own addiction. I have slept with pants and a really tight belt on, I have slept with gloves on, I used calming music, I ran up and down the stairs and you can think of your own solutions when your urges start to come. Also, having a reliable, committed AP really did wonders for me and I want to thank him for sticking with me.

Have I beaten my addiction? No, but then again, it’s so much easier and more common to resist urge now. It has become a habit. I’ve gotten through the hardest part. I do want to have sex in the future, and I will allow sex again from now on, but I don’t want to masturbate any more. Never, unless it’s necessary for a medical test or something and I will hold that promise.

Can you beat your addiction? Absolutely. NoFap has two rules. Do not fap. Do not watch porn/p-subs. As long as you obey these rules, you will beat your addiction. This will be the same for every man in every country on earth.

Not fapping while unconscious may seem an impossible habit to break, but my experience has taught me that when I was not fapping while awake, even the habit of fapping while asleep slowly went away.

It will be hard and for many it will be harder than it is for me, but you always have conscious control over what touches your penis and of what you view on your computer.

Now go forth and beat those PMO addictions! If anyone has a question, feel free to ask

LINK – 90 days hard mode – Is this a success story?

by Jongleerbeer